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Student Account

BTC provides all students with a computer account.  Student use this account to login to the BTC student portal, computers on campus, remote access and other applications and BTC services

User Name:
Your account user name is your last name + the last 4 digits of your Student ID Number (SID).
(e.g. smith1234)

Your default password is: btc- + your 8 digit birth date (mmddyyyy) (e.g. btc-06031981)
Be sure to use all 4 numbers of your birth year (e.g. 1988) Remember to add btc- on the front

Don't know your password?

You can reset your account password using the Password Reset tool.

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Student Email

BTC provides all students with an email account.

Student Email Login


Students enrolled prior to Winter 2022 with a SID/PIN, please use the instructions below to set/reset your password.  Students enrolled after Winter 2022 should contact the Library for assistance

Reset Password

  • If you haven’t activated your email account or you need to reset your password, you can do that here
  • Your PIN is your six digit birthdate.
  • To find out your student ID number click here.
  • Then, go to the student email page to access the link to your student email.
  • Your email username is (XXXX = last four digits of your student I.D. number) Your password is the one that you just created.
  • Allow 30 minutes for your new password to sync to your email account.

Email Error Message

When you fill out the password reset form, it resets your password for both your network account and your email account. You may get the an error message that says your network password was successful but your email password change failed. You can ignore this error message for the email. The system will automatically sync the new network account password to your email account, so try to log in after about 30 minutes.

Can't access your email account?

The most common problem is with the password. You can reset your email and computer network password using the Password Reset tool.

If resetting the email password doesn't help, contact us at Include your BTC email address and an email address or phone number where we can contact you. We will do our best to respond within one business day

Student Email Guides

BTC Student Email Guide

How to forward your student email

How to access your student email with using an email client

How to access your student email on a mobile device

Using OneDrive

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SID and PIN Help

Student Identification Number (SID) help

Look up my SID

I have an SID, but don’t know what it is. Look it up!

New Students

If you are NEW and do not have an SID yet, select the student type which best describes you.

New Students

Use the Washington State Online Application to apply to BTC. We will email your SID to you and let you know what your next step is. This will also begin to establish your residency status for State Funded classes.

Transitional Studies

Attend a Transitional Studies department Orientation to take ABE, ELA or GED classes. (Adult Basic Education, English Language Acquisition, and GED). You will be assigned an SID and PIN during the orientation and register for classes.

Continuing Education

Register without an SID using our Continuing Education page. If you register into a state funded credit class, you will be asked to apply to BTC.

Running Start
Please visit the Running Start main page for more information.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) help

At BTC, you will use your Global PIN for all Registration Tools, the Financial Aid Portal, and the Network Account reset. If you have applied or registered at BTC, your PIN has been set to the default which is your 6-digit birth date in the format MMDDYY (i.e. June 20, 1985 PIN would be 062095).

Change my PIN

Sign in to My BTC Portal to change your PIN to a 6-digit number of your choice.

PIN Reset Request

Request your PIN to be reset to the default.

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Hours & Contacts

Summer Hours

M to Th: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Fridays

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