Public Services

Technical education at BTC includes hands-on experience, so students learn job-ready skills they can put to work right away.

Some programs provide services and repairs to staff, students, and the general public. We focus on facilitating students’ training needs without negatively impacting private businesses in the community.


  • Dental Services
  • Automotive and Auto Collision
  • Café Culinaire
  • Surplus
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Dental Services

BTC's Dental programs provide free dental care at our on-campus dental clinic. The clinic prepares students for their careers in dentistry, providing the opportunity to care for a variety of patients and incorporate classroom learning into real-life, practical applications. Work is performed by both licensed dentists and professionals and students. Dental services provided by students are closely supervised by licensed staff and faculty.

Appointments at the BTC Dental Clinic are available Mondays and Fridays at 8:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m.

The clinic offers the following services only: 

  • exams

  • x-rays

  • dental cleanings for children, adults and patients with gum disease

  • sealants

  • some simple fillings 

If you would like to be placed on the potential patient list, please email us at: or call 360.752.8349 and indicate what days and times work best for you.

You will first receive a limited dental screening to determine if we are able to see you in our clinic. Once you are admitted as a patient of the BTC dental clinic, a complete dental exam and necessary x-rays will be done. After the examination process, you will be presented with what treatment we are able to provide for you in our clinic.

As students are providing services, you can expect longer appointments and thorough care that is supervised and checked by licensed professionals. Children and adolescents may be completed in a single visit. Adults can expect care to take 2-3 appointments of 3 hours each. You will be given an estimate of time needed for treatment once your screening is complete.

Please note: Not all patients will be accepted. We reserve the right to decline any patient that is too difficult for a student including complex medical conditions, behavioral conditions or extensive dental needs. Patients who are experiencing dental pain cannot be seen in our clinic. We do not provide any emergency dental services. Patients must still have a primary dental facility to provide the rest of their care.

If you are a previous patient of the BTC dental clinic and would like to have your dental x-rays/records transferred to you or to a dental office please:

Upon receiving your request, we will forward your records as soon as possible.

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Thank you for your interest in the BTC Automotive Technology Program. All customer work selected must coincide with our current class room curriculum. Vehicles older than 15 years typically will not be selected unless they meet a specific teaching requirement.

Our shop rate is $30 per hour based on the auto manufacture’s suggested flat rate for services needed. All vehicles taken in are subject to a one hour diagnosis fee based on this rate at which time a written estimate for services needed including parts and labor will be provided.

To submit your request please complete the Automotive work form.

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Café Culinaire

Café Culinaire is a fully operational restaurant, operated by BTC Culinary Arts program students under the supervision of chef instructors. Students gain valuable skills in preparing high-quality dishes, while learning all aspects of restaurant operations.

  • Guest relations
  • Cash handling
  • Reservations
  • Customer Service
  • Serving

Visit the Café Culinaire page to learn more.

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Surplus Sales

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively collect, process and redistribute unneeded surplus BTC property. Our goal is to efficiently remove surplus equipment from buildings on campus and to be a responsible environmental steward by finding reuse and recycling markets for surplus property.

How to access BTC's Surplus

Step 1. Register

Step 2. Start Shopping
  • Log in to the Online Auction Site

  • Select Washington in the Select Region field

  • Select Bellingham Technical College in the 'Select Agency field' - All categories will be displayed. For current offerings, a number will appear to the right of the subcategory. This represents the number of auctions of that type.

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The Purchasing and Contracts Department is dedicated to supporting the College's mission by facilitating the academic and administrative needs in the most economical and efficient manner, and at the highest possible quality while complying with the laws and regulations set forth by the Federal Government, Washington State and Bellingham Technical College.

This department assists in creating and maintaining relationships with current and potential vendors and oversees the following: bid solicitation, initiation of requests for proposal, issues purchase orders, and establishment of contracts for consulting services and goods and services.

For more information, visit the Purchasing and Contracts page.

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