Registering for your BTC program classes is fast and easy. It's up to each student to register for the upcoming quarter's classes, so don't get left behind!
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Find Classes

Class Search

Search for individual classes from an alphabetic list, or use filters to narrow your search.


Current students can login to ctcLink to search for classes, add classes to your schedule, print your schedule and check your grades all in one place!

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Register: Add/Drop/Withdraw

Registration Dates and Times

Registration dates are published for the beginning of each phase of registration, and individual Enrollment Appointments are assigned to students registering prior to Open Enrollment.
Check registration dates on the College Calendar

Check your Enrollment Appointment in ctcLink if you are a current program student or a new student planning to start in the up-coming quarter.

How to Register


Current students login to ctcLink to register. Log in once to add or drop classes, check your schedule, update your address and more. 


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Important Next Steps

It is important for you as an enrolled student to check the following items in myBTC

Contact Info

Visit your profile to keep your address, phone number, and email up-to-date.

Student Schedule

Your Student Schedule is the official document of your classes each quarter. Print a copy for your records. It is your responsibility to make sure your classes are correct.

Class Waitlist

If you are on a class waitlist, login frequently to keep track of your position.

Payment Due Date

Payment must be made in full, fully-funded, or a payment plan set up by the payment due date to remain enrolled.

Academic Advising Reports (AAR)

Track your progress for yourself and check that your classes satisfy degree and certificate requirements. Financial Aid uses AAR to verify classes eligible for funding. Advisors use AAR to help you select appropriate classes. Registration uses AAR to verify completion of your degree or certificate.

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Registration FAQs

  • When can I register?

    Registration dates are published for the beginning of each phase of registration, and individual access times are assigned to students registering prior to General Registration.

    • Check registration dates on the College Calendar.

    • Check your access time in myBTC. if you are a current program student or a new student planning to start in the quarter coming up.

  • What do I do if I do not see my Enrollment Appointment in myBTC?

    If the day published on the College Calendar for "Check Your Enrollment Appointment in myBTC" has arrived or is past and you do not see one, you may email Registration to check on it for you.

  • How can I drop/withdraw?

    It is highly recommended that you discuss drops and withdrawals with Financial Aid first if you have funding.

    In myBTC
    • Click the Enrollment icon on the left navigation bar to expand the menu. 
    • Click Drop Classes
    • Check the option box next to the class you want to drop.
    • Click Drop to drop/withdraw from the class. Click cancel to go back.
    • You have successfully dropped/withdrawn from the class! Click OK to return to your schedule. 

    If the system does not allow you to drop or withdraw online, you may be able to withdraw in writing if the class has not yet ended and it is not past the quarterly withdrawal deadline. Check with Registration.

    In Writing
  • What is the last day to withdraw from a class?

    Withdrawal requests must be submitted before either the last day of the class or the “last day to withdraw or change schedule” as posted on the College Calendar (whichever occurs first).

    Changes and withdrawals will not be processed beyond the end of the quarter.

    Learn more about the BTC Refund Policy.

  • Can I audit a class?

    Classes that do not meet any requirements for degrees or certificates may be audited. To audit a class, submit an Audit Request Form form before the class begins, or no later than the end of the second class session. If approved, an AU grade will be posted on your transcript and no credit will be awarded for the class. Regular tuition and fees apply for audited classes.

  • Can I repeat a class?

    You can take the same class up to three times.

  • How many classes can I take each term?

    Once you begin a program sequence, the number of courses you should take each quarter is pre-determined. You can review the typical course schedule for your degree or certificate in Degrees and Classes.

    If you are in a flexible program or taking prerequisite or general education coursework before starting your program, talk with your advisor regarding your Educational Plan and class availability. Your finances, schedule, and available study time will help you decide what is best for you.

    The maximum credits per quarter is 26 credits. Taking more than 26 credits in one quarter requires approval of your Dean.

  • How do I view my class schedule?

    In myBTC 
    • Click on Student Homepage.
    • Click on the Manage Classes tile.
    • View My Classes is the default page in Manage Classes. Select the Term/College you want to view. 
    • Select the classes you want to see: Enrolled, Waitlisted, or Dropped. Then click on each class to view more details.
    • Click on the class to view more details: Class Details, Meeting Information, Enrollment Information, Class Availability, and Textbook/Other Materials.
  • How can I join a class waitlist?

    To be placed on a class waitlist, follow the steps for adding a class to your schedule.

    In myBTC

    • Click on Student Homepage. 
    • Click on the Manage Classes tile.
    • Click on Search and Enroll. Then choose the Term from the dropdown menu and select your college for that term.
    • Look up your classes using course name, subject, or keywords. 
    • Select the course in which you want to enroll.
    • Follow the prompts to review the class selection. Click Next when you are done. 
    • Make sure to toggle the Add to Waitlist option to Yes. Click Accept when you are done.
    • Select Enroll then the Next button. 
    • Click Submit and then Yes to confirm.
    • You're now on the waitlist for the class! You can also see your waitlist position. 

    Registering with Staff Assistance

    • If talking with a staff person, confirm your wish to be on the class waitlist.
  • What does "You have not met the prerequisite for this class" mean?

    This message means you must complete the prerequisite for the class before registering.

    Class prerequisites are published in the class descriptions in Take a Class and under Degrees and Classes.

    • If your program has had curriculum changes recently, talk with your faculty advisor about the required prerequisite.
    • If you took the prerequisite at another college, submit an official transcript and the Evaluation Request Form to the Admissions Office. Allow two weeks for processing before trying again to register.
    • If you are only taking classes for transfer to another college or university, bring an unofficial transcript to an advisor for a one-time override.
    • If you are auditing a class, ask the class instructor for a prerequisite override, and complete an Audit Request form (link?).

    To add a class with an override, email or come see us in College Services.

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Hours & Contacts

Regular Hours

Mon to Thu: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fri: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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