Corporate Training

Better performance. Better skills. Better ideas.

In today's competitive job market and economy, every organization is striving to be the best at what they do. Do you have professional development programs that distinguish you from your competitors in attracting and retaining talent? For decades, BTC has been providing business and industry with one-stop training solutions to help cultivate an engaged, highly trained and skilled workforce. Our comprehensive list of training solutions allows us to serve new and recurring business clients of any size and across every industry.

Whether you want to increase jobsite safety, bridge an employee skill gap, develop leaders who are equipped for the future, or train on a new technology, BTC has you covered with customized training services to meet your needs. BTC's Corporate Training portfolio provides convenient and flexible customized training services to help your business and your employees achieve their fullest potential.

Help your business become more productive, innovative, and profitable with BTC's Customized Corporate Training. For more information, please contact us at or 360.752.8472.

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Categories For Training

The list below demonstrates the areas in which we can provide training. Customized courses are always an option - just reach out to the Corporate and Continuing Ed office to schedule a conversation: or 360.752.8472.

Business & Management

Computer Applications & Technology

Health & Safety Certifications

Industry & Trades Certifications

Professional Development

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Funding For Employer-Specific Training

Job Skills Program Grant
Washington's Job Skills Program (JSP) provides training to meet employers' specific needs. College instructors provide training to new and current employees at work or in a classroom. 

Job Skills training is a tool for enhancing economic growth and employment in Washington and funds training in regions with high unemployment rates and high levels of poverty. It also supports areas with new and growing industries; locations where the local population does not have the skills needed to stay employed; and regions impacted by large-scale job loss.

A central focus is to provide training and employment for those at risk of losing their jobs due to technological or economic changes. Click here to learn more about JSPs.

Customized Training Program for Employers
The Washington Customized Training Program (CTP) provides interest-free training loan assistance to businesses that provide employment opportunities in the state.

CTP enhances the growth of Washington's economy, increases employment opportunities and adds to the state's quality of life.  And it might be just what your company needs to grow its most valuable asset: employees. Click here to learn more about CTPs.

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Hours & Contacts

Regular Hours

Mon to Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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