Campus Center Relocation

October Update: Campus Center building to remain closed through 2023-24 academic year

Work to review Campus Center building has continued since BTC's decision to close the building for fall quarter, and we are now aware that additional seismic reinforcement work is necessary. 

Based on the significance of findings and the length of needed repairs, we can now confirm that Campus Center building will remain under construction for the rest of the school year and likely through next summer. There are many details of the repair that are not fully determined at this point, so while we cannot confirm currently, we are hopeful the building will be open for next Fall Quarter.  

We will share updates here as more information becomes available.


September Update: BTC's Campus Center building will be closed for fall quarter

BTC's Campus Center building was closed during much of summer to allow contractors to complete truss reinforcement work. After receiving news from our contractor about additional seismic work needed throughout the building and out of an abundance of caution, 
BTC’s administration has made the difficult decision to keep Campus Center building closed for fall quarter. All other buildings will be open.

This building closure will allow crews to get this needed seismic reinforcement work done as quickly as possible without having to work around classes and workspaces. When this work is complete, it will allow us to reopen Campus Center with full confidence in the safety of the building, both in everyday use and in case of an earthquake. 

Facilities and the administration are working closely with affected groups to find solutions for relocating affected classrooms and offices, as well as services like the library, tutoring, TRIO and ASBTC. 

Students will be able to see new locations for classes that had been located in Campus Center by the first day of fall by checking their schedule in ctcLink. Class times and modalities are not expected to change for these relocated classes.

Thank you to all of our campus community for the patience and the grace as the work in Campus Center building evolves. We will share updates about the progress of work and any adjustments to campus services and their locations here throughout the closure.

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Relocated Services

Here are updated locations for the services and resources that had been located in Campus Center:

Campus Store: A-Building Hallway, Room 5
Library: G Building, Room 102/103, additional computers in Haskell Center 203
Tutoring: Study Hub, Building 2, DMC Parking Lot
E-Learning: DMC 104
Student Life & ASBTC: Morse Center Building, Second-Floor Atrium and Room 221
Photo ID: Morse Center Building, Room 221
TRIO: College Services, Room 105
Food Pantry: G Building, Cafeteria
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Class Information

Please check ctcLink for the new locations for classes that had been scheduled for Campus Center this quarter.
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