Technology Training

Technology Training for Faculty and Staff

Technology training is crucial for BTC employees at every level and role, so we provide a myriad of training opportunities and resources. We utilize numerous methods, such as online and independent third-party training, Zoom meetings, and classroom training. On-campus training can be requested and delivered in a one-on-one or group setting. We encourage employees’ feedback regarding topics they would benefit from being trained in and will adjust our offerings to suit employees’ needs where possible. 

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Training Support

Are you having a pesky issue with an application? Need to accomplish something in an MS Office application but don't know how? We can help! The first course of action is to contact the Help Desk. They have the know-how to answer most questions, but if not, they can forward your question to the Technical Trainer for a response.
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Technology Training Contact

Nate Marino

Technical Trainer


Location: A Building, Room A1

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