We're with you all the way!

At BTC, you’re part of a community of students, instructors and staff who are supportive of your goals and ready to help you achieve them.

Admissions & Advising

Whether you are a high school graduate, recently laid off and in need of retraining, pursuing a new career, ready to become a skilled worker, etc... whatever your circumstances may be, we have a place for you. Admissions & Advising will be by your side from beginning to graduation. You can always count on our employees to help you through the process. To learn more about what we have to offer, please visit BTC's Admissions & Advising page.

Tuition & Fees

In addition to tuition, students pay program and course fees to cover costs such as lab assistants, supplies, materials, equipment, and other operations. Find out about all possible fees here.

Visit the Tuition & Fees page to for information about tuition, fees, and cost estimates. 

Accessibility Resources

One of the primary functions of Accessibility Resources is to act as a facilitator for students to obtain and utilize accommodations necessary to ensure equal access for participation in campus programs and activities. Additionally, Accessibility Resources is a strong ally for students at every level of their disability awareness, student development, and academic pursuits. To learn more please visit BTC's Accessibility Resources page.


Counselors provide both academic and personal counseling services for students experiencing difficulties that interfere with learning. Our focus is on providing support, clarifying choices, handling difficult situations, and accessing community resources.

Contact Counseling at counseling@btc.edu or call 360.752.8345 for more information, or whenever you need some guidance. For detailed information visit the BTC Counseling page.


Registering for your BTC program courses is fast and easy. It’s up to each student to register for the upcoming quarter’s classes—so don’t get left behind!

Visit the Registration page for more information. 


An official transcript is a sealed copy of your record at BTC. It bears the College seal and is signed by the Registrar. You’ll need to order an official transcript if you wish to transfer BTC credits to another college or university. There are more transcript options to learn about.

Find out more how to order your BTC records for employment or transfer opportunities. You’ll need to order an official transcript if you wish to transfer BTC credits to another college or university. Visit the Transcripts page to learn about all the transcript options.

Student Financial Resources

At BTC’s Student Financial Resources, you’ll find friendly people with the experience and know-how to make the process of funding your education a lot easier, so you can get the skills you need for today’s high-paying jobs.

Start here to learn how to apply for financial aid, scholarships, veteran’s benefits, Workforce Funding, and other programs you may qualify for. Advancing your education can lead to a better job and higher wages—so it’s a great investment. But most students need help paying for college. Check out the Student Financial Resources page to learn about all the funding options available. 

Student Life

Student Life at Bellingham Technical College strives to cultivate a campus community where students can maximize their college experience through engaging in activities outside of the classroom and contribute to a student-centered learning approach.

To learn more about Student Life and the Associated Students of Bellingham Technical College (ASBTC) please visit BTC's Student Life page.

Library & eLearning

The BTC Library is your gateway to information and tools that can help you succeed in your program. Here, you can explore ideas, learn new concepts, and connect with other students and faculty. The friendly staff is always ready to help you access whatever information you need.

Visit the Library page to learn about all of the resources available to you.

eLearning provides campus-wide training and support for Canvas, BTC's online Learning Management System (LMS), as well as for other instructional technologies, such as Panopto and Big Blue Button. eLearning supports student success through a commitment to the development and design of quality online learning and teaching environments.

Visit the eLearning page for more information.

High School Programs

BTC's High School Programs are specifically designed to offer the best of both worlds. These Dual Enrollment options allow high school students to take classes that will apply towards both high school and college credit. Students can earn dual credit on their High School campus via the CTE Dual Credit (Tech Prep) or Advanced Placement (AP) programs. They can also earn dual credit on BTC’s campus through our Running Start program. To find out about all Dual Enrollment options available at BTC, please visit the High School Programs page.

Student Resources

At BTC, you’re part of a community of students, instructors and staff who are supportive of your goals and ready to help you achieve them.

Start here to find the resources you need. Visit the Student Resources page to explore all the services available to you.