Culinary Arts

Reservations are sold out for Cafe Culinaire Spring 2023



Please remember the menu is subject to change at anytime. 

Seatings will be at 11:30am, 12:00pm, and 12:30pm and there is a limited number of guests per seating. 

Reservations can be made for parties of 2-4 guests.  We will not be accepting large parties or tables for 1. 

Our menu does not include vegetarian or plate-based options, at this time.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.  We have the ability to make certain items without meat, but it would be on a menu to menu basis.

Our student servers will know the Top 8 allergens in each dish.  We cannot accommodate most dietary restrictions without prior notice.   

Bar seating is unlikely, but will be determined on a day to day basis.  

The 3-course meal (appetizer, entree and dessert) is $19.95 per person. (each item in available a la carte as well)

The $19.95 does not include beverages and selections change daily

Reservations will be taken on April 4th and 9:00am for Menu #1 (April 13th-April 28th)

                                                 April 24th at 9:00am for Menu #2 (May 4th-19th)

                                                 May  15th at 9:00am for Menu #3 (May 25th- June 9th)

Please be on time to your reservation.  Guests more than 15 minutes late may not be able to dine at all.  The meal tends to take 1-1.5 hours. 

Please inform us of a cancellation 48 hours in advance.  I do understand that things come up, but we have had a significant number of no-shows and without our amazing guests, our students do not receive the experience they need.  Without proper communication, No-Shows may not be able to book for future Cafe Culinaire meals. 

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American Regional


Each week our students will be making short order items, in the G building Cafeteria, covering all the regions of the United States.  Menus will be posted when available. Menus are subject to change due to student absence or performance.  There are only a certain number of each menu item, per day. Once it is gone, it's gone. 

American Regional will only be available Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11:30am-1:00pm throughout Spring Quarter.  No Reservation Needed!  Just come up and order. 

April 11th and 12th: New England & New York

April 18th and 19th: Mid-Atlantic & Chesapeake

April 25th and 26th: Appalachian & South

May 2nd and 3rd: South Florida & Puerto Rico

May 9th and 10th: Louisiana 

May 16th and 17th: Mexican Border

May 23rd and 24th: Closed for Special Banquet

May 29th and 30th: Closed for Faculty In-Service

June 6th and 7th: Rocky Mountain Basin & Northwest

June 13th and 14th: California & Hawaii

Limited portions will be available for each menu item to secure even student involvement. 

To-Go box orders will have a To-Go surcharge. 




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