Admissions Steps

Thank you for choosing Bellingham Technical College, we are excited to work alongside you to achieve your goals!

Follow the Admissions Steps below, or use the BTC Admissions Checklist as a printable guide. To be eligible to register for classes, admissions steps one, two and three need to be completed.

If you are a Veteran, International Student, Transfer student, DREAMer, L&I or Running Start student, be sure to check the Student Types page for additional information.

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1. Apply

Apply Now!  

Submit an online application through the Online Admissions Application Portal. Applying online takes approximately 15 minutes, and it’s free!

Within five (5) business days of submitting your application, you will receive your Welcome to BTC email with your assigned Student Identification Number (SID). Sometimes this email can be sent to your junk/spam folders, so be sure to check there too! 

If you have previously attended BTC and are looking to re-enroll, or if you applied to BTC previously and never attended, and it has been longer than one (1) year since you last submitted the application, please resubmit the application to BTC. If you don't remember your previous log-in, that is OKAY, apply as a new student and we will merge your old student record with your new one. 

Apply for Financial Aid 

Visit the Explore Financial Aid page for more information. 

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2. Assess Your Starting Point

Once you have applied to BTC, you are now ready for step two; assessing your starting point. Degree or certificate seeking students need to determine their math and English starting points. Some programs require certain placement scores or entry requirements before starting program classes. View your program or certificate entry requirements on the Degrees & Certificates pages.   

There are multiple ways to assess your starting point at BTC, use one or more of the following: 

  • Take the ACCUPLACER Placement Assessment  
  • Submit Official Washington State High School Transcripts from within the last five years for evaluation 
  • Submit official transcripts from other colleges or universities for evaluation
    • Must be from a regionally accredited institution. 
  • Submit other test scores for evaluation (Compass, Asset, Smarter Balance, SAT, ACT etc.)
  • Take the ACCUPLACER Assessment

    The ACCUPLACER Placement Assessment is developed by The College Board to measure your reading, writing and math skills. This assessment is used for placement for certificate and degree programs at BTC.  If you do not have any of the other listed options above (Washington State high school transcript within 5 years, college transcriptsother test scores) or if you do not meet the minimum requirements after transcript evaluation, you will need to take the ACCUPLACER. 

    Your ACCUPLACER scores will help you choose the right classes, make an academic plan with your Academic Advisor, and obtain any needed support services. Starting with the ACCUPLACER means a more successful college experience. 

    Learn more about taking the ACCUPLACER placement assessment here. 

  • Submit High School Transcripts

    If you have graduated a Washington State high school within the last five (5) years, you can submit your official Washington State high school transcript to BTC for assessing your starting point.  

    Send an official transcript to or mail a copy of your transcript to: Bellingham Technical College, ATTN: Admissions, 3028 Lindbergh Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225. 

    Once your transcripts have arrived to BTC, processing takes approximately 10 to 14 business days.  Processing may take longer during peak registration periods, please plan ahead. You will receive transcript evaluation results to your email that you provided in the BTC application. Your evaluation results will determine if you are eligible for admission step three, or if you will need to take the ACCUPLACER placement assessment. 

    If you have graduated high school more than five (5) years ago, it is not required to turn in your high school transcript.

  • Submit official transcripts from other colleges or universities

    At BTC, we help students use previously earned college or university credit to meet BTC testing, prerequisite, general academic course requirements, and sometimes program coursework.  

    To transfer coursework from another college or institution to BTC it must meet the following conditions: 

    • You must have applied to BTC and have a student identification (SID) number.

    • It must be from a regionally accredited institution.

    • Official college or institution transcripts must be submitted. Contact the previous college or institution you attended and request an Official Transcript.   

      Official transcripts can be sent to the following address: Bellingham Technical College, ATTN: Admissions, 3028 Lindbergh Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225 or to if you are requesting an official electronic transcript (e-transcript) to be sent. 

    • Official Transcripts being submitted by the student must be sealed by the college or institution. Opened transcripts will be considered unofficial and cannot be used for transfer of credits. 

    • You must earn a "C" (2.0) or better for your course to be considered for transfer credit. Note: requirements may be higher for specific programs, be sure to check the Entry tab of your program page. 

    • Courses are considered for transfer credit when they match the content of courses required for BTC programs. Review a list of Course Equivalencies for our most common transfer institutions. 

    Once your transcripts have arrived to BTC, processing takes approximately 10 to 14 business days. Processing may take longer during peak registration periods, please plan ahead. You will receive transcript evaluation results to your email that you provided in the BTC application. 

    View the Transfer Students page for additional information.   

    Veterans and International Students, please be sure to check the Student Types page for additional information. 

  • Submit other test scores (Compass, Asset, Smarter Balance, SAT, ACT etc.)

    If you have taken and earned appropriate test scores through the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) test or International Baccalaureate (IB), or have earned a recognized professional or industry certification, your test scores and/or prior experience can be considered for BTC college credit  or placement .  

    • Transferring Non-traditional Credits  ( i .e. AP, CLEP, DANTES, and military credit)  (PDF  |  RTF )  

    • AP Test Score Equivalencies  ( PDF )  

    • CLEP Test Score Equivalencies ( PDF )  

    • DANTES Test Score Equivalencies ( PDF )  

    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Test Score Equivalencies  ( PDF )  

    • ACT Test Scores:    View ordering information on the  ACT website.  

    • SAT Test Scores:  View ordering information on the CollegeBoard website.    

    • Other college placement scores:  Contact the Institution or College where you took the placement assessment and have official scores sent to the below address.    

    Official transcripts and/or test scores can be sent to the following address: Bellingham Technical College, ATTN: Admissions, 3028 Lindbergh Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225 or to  if you are requesting an electronic official transcript to be sent.  

    Once your transcripts and/or test scores have arrived to BTC, processing takes approximately 10 to 14 business days.  Processing may take longer during peak registration periods, please  plan ahead .  You will receive evaluation results to your email that you provided in the BTC application. 

    Haven’t taken any of listed tests above?  Take the ACCUPLACER placement assessment at BTC, view further information above.

    Questions? Email

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3. Advising & Registration

Now that you have completed Admissions Steps one and two, you are now ready for a GET Started appointment! Students will attend a mandatory GET Started appointment with an Admissions & Advising staff member. In the GET Started appointment, you will navigate your Goalscreate an Education Planbecome Tech Ready and register for classes. 

To schedule your GET Started appointment, please fill out the appointment request form , and an Admissions & Advising staff member will contact you. 

Important Notes: 
  • COVID-19 UPDATEWe are currently offering these appointments remotely, either through Zoom or over the phone. If you schedule the GET Started appointment over the phone, you will still need access to a laptop/computer with internet access. In person appointments available Monday & Thursday.

  • Admissions Steps one and two must be completed prior to scheduling the appointment. 

  • If you are receiving L & I benefits, need accommodations, or you cannot attend a GET Started appointment before the quarter begins, please contact Admissions & Advising at 360.752.8345. 

If you have questions about the GET Started appointment please contact Admissions & Advising office 360.752.8345 or

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4. Prepare to Attend

Pay Tuition and Fees 

You are considered officially enrolled when your tuition and fees are paid in-full. Tuition and fees are due in-full by the date indicated on the College Calendar. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. To view current tuition and fee rates, please visit Tuition, Fees, Rates & Costs 

Pay online with a Visa or MasterCard credit (not debit) card, or pay at the Cashier window, located on the main floor of the College Services (CS) building, where you may use cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or financial aid award. 

Student ID Card

A photo ID or student ID card is required for some registration transactions.

Student ID cards are available, at no cost, in the Student Center - CC 300 (3rd floor, Campus Center building). Please bring photo ID during normal business hours.

Your Student ID qualifies you for discounts on Whatcom Transit Authority (WTA) bus passes and at many local vendors, plus access to the Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College libraries.


Find textbook lists or take your printed class schedule to the Campus Store, located in the Campus Center (CC) building. Tip: We do NOT recommend purchasing texts for any other quarter than the current one in which you are registered.


If you are taking any online or hybrid classes, be sure to setup and check your BTC email for instructions on how to access your classes. To setup your email and explore your online classes, please visit the Student Links page.

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Admissions Steps FAQ

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Hours & Contacts

Regular Hours

BTC is operating remotely - email and calls only
M to Th: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
F: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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