Foundation Scholarships

All BTC students are eligible

The foundation has scholarships available for any type of student at BTC regardless of your program, GPA, citizenship, financial situation, or any other status.

One simple application puts you in the running for nearly 150 scholarships. Some of our awards are for specific programs and demographics, but many are open to any student attending BTC.

Before you can apply you need to have a student number and a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA).


Scholarship Q & A

When can I apply?
At this time the application is only available during spring quarter, typically April 15-June 30.

When will I know if I got a scholarship? 
Decisions are made during the summer and students are notified around the first week of August.

When will I get the money?
Scholarships are awarded starting in fall and divided evenly over the quarters that you are enrolled for the school year (if you are attending all three quarters next year and you get a $1,500 scholarship you will receive $500 per quarter).

How much money do you give out?
The total amount we have available changes every year, but the average yearly total since 2008 is over $220,000 and the average award per student has been about $1,500. We base each individual award amount on financial need, time left in program, cost of the program, and the overall application.

What are my chances of getting a scholarship?
While we cannot guarantee that you will receive a scholarship, we are here to help you put together the best possible application, which can improve your chances. On average we give money to approximately 50% of those who submit complete applications.

What are the application requirements?
There are only three requirements to be considered for a Foundation scholarship. You need a student number assigned by ctcLink, you need to have a FAFSA or WASFA on file, and you need to submit a completed application by the deadline.

How do I know if I am eligible?
Some of our donors have set specific criteria for their scholarships. You will complete one simple application and we'll match you up to the scholarships that fit your profile. The questions that you answer on your application help us determine your eligibility for all of our awards. Many of these scholarships are open to any student, which means as long as you are or will be enrolled at BTC, you are eligible.

What scholarships are available and what are the criteria?
Each year we award scholarships from approximately 150 different funds. You can see the list of currently available scholarships and the criteria for each of them at

If you need more information, contact Valerie Frank at or call 360.752.8684.


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Before you apply

Acing the essay questions

In early July a committee gathers together to select scholarship recipients. Every application is carefully considered for an award. Some of the factors that we consider when choosing recipients are financial need and GPA, but the biggest factor is your personal statement. We ask a few questions that require you to write longer answers.

Carefully answer each question. This is your opportunity to tell the selection committee more about yourself. Feel free to use examples or stories and let your personality shine through. You can save your progress and return to make changes until the applications close on June 30.

  1. What program are you pursuing and what factors led you to choose this specific program? How do you think your enrollment in this program will help you reach your career goals? Consider both technical skills and soft skills (e.g., teamwork, communication, professionalism) in your answer.
  2. What career are you most interested in pursuing and what about this career interests or excites you (tell the committee about your dream job)?
  3. What strengths, knowledge, and/or experience do you possess that will help you be successful in this career?
  4. Beyond financial benefits, how do you think receiving a scholarship would help you? (Examples: ability to reduce work hours, lower stress, a feeling of accomplishment, etc.)

We want to hear your story. We aren't too concerned with perfect spelling and excellent grammar, and we give awards to students of all ages, from every program, with various financial needs. However, we score every application on the answers to these questions, so be sure to address each one carefully.

It is a good idea to write your essays in a separate program and have someone look over your answers before you submit your application. BTC faculty and tutors are excellent resources to help you write a winning essay. Learn more about the tutoring center here.


How your application will be scored

Every essay is read and scored by two or more members of the scholarship selection committee. The scores are added together and averaged. Readers use the following rubric to come up with this score:

  • Benefit of a scholarship: convince us that you are a great candidate for an award
  • Program alignment: convince us that you are a good fit for your program
  • Overall impression: answer each question completely and thoughtfully
Your financial need and GPA are used along with your essay scores to rate your overall application package. If you are selected for an award the total amount will be based on this score, the cost of your program, and your planned attendance for the upcoming school year (number of quarters, full- or part-time).

Good luck!


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Go to the application

Create a profile and apply at

Applications are only accepted April 15 - June 30. If you need accommodations to complete the application, please contact us for help.

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