Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed by the employees and students of BTC and guides our institutional work. We prioritize our activities, allocate our resources, and collaborate with others based on our strategic themes and goals, and are committed to creating, evaluating, and improving college practices and policies to support the Strategic Plan.
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Vision, Mission & Values


Bellingham Technical College will be a recognized leader in providing innovative and effective technical education, maximizing student potential and supporting the regional economy through development of a competitive workforce.


Bellingham Technical College provides student-centered, high-quality professional technical education for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities.


As a learning community, Bellingham Technical College is committed to educational excellence and equity realized through a positive, values-based environment. To fulfill Bellingham Technical College’s mission and vision, the College will adhere to the following values:


Creating a supportive and inclusive community that results in a high level of student competence, professionalism, and success.


Embracing positive, effective change that creates opportunity and meets current and emerging needs.


Creating and leveraging partnerships and resources to achieve shared values and goals for students, the College, and the community.


Promoting a culture of respect and accountability, reflecting integrity in decision-making, and ensuring responsible stewardship of all resources.

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2023-30 Themes, Goals & Key Performance Indicators

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2018-23 Themes, Goals & Key Performance Indicators

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Key Performance Indicator Status

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