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Admissions & Advising

6-Quarter Plan Form (PDF)

Admissions Application

Auto/Diesel Core Program Entry Packet (PDF)

BTC Residence Questionnaire (PDF)

ELL Form (PDF)

GET Started Appointment Request

Override Request (PDF)

Program Change Form (PDF)

Residency Affidavit

Running Start Contract - annually (PDF)

Running Start Enrollment Verification - quarterly (PDF)

Summer Running Start Enrollment Verification - Summer 2024 (PDF)


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Childbirth & Parenting

Childbirth Education Scholarship (PDF)

Parenting Education Scholarship Application (PDF)

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Personal Counseling

General Information and Student Informed Consent (completed before or at the first BTC Counseling meeting)

Informed Consent to Participate in Distance Counseling (completed before or at first distance BTC Counseling meeting)

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Registration Form (PDF)

Add/Drop Form (PDF)

Audit Request

Commencement Participation

Course Repeat

FERPA Release (PDF)

Graduation Application

Hardship Withdrawal Petition (PDF)

High School Diploma Application (PDF)

Name Change (PDF)

Override Request (PDF)

Payment Deferral for students funded by outside agencies (PDF)

Program Change/Add Form (PDF

PIN Reset Request

Replacement Certificate/Degree/Diploma (PDF)

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Bring the appropriate completed form and original supporting documentation to the office indicated to be evaluated.

Washington Residence Questionnaire
Submit the Washington Residence Questionnaire to Registration to prove that you are eligible to have your classification updated to Washington State Resident.

Request Waiver for Children/Spouse of Totally Disabled or POW/MIA or Deceased Eligible Veterans or National Guard Members
Submit the Request Waiver to BTC Veteran Certifying Official or to Registration.

Washington Higher Education Residency Affidavit
Submit to the Washington Higher Education Residency Affidavit to Admissions if you are a recent WA State High School Graduate.

Space Available WA State Employee Waiver
Submit the appropriate form to Registration according to the process and timing indicated on the form. BTC Employee or WA State Employee

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