Child & Family Studies

Children and Parents sitting onthe floor in class

Child and Family Studies (Childbirth preparation, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding and Parenting classes): BTC offers supportive, non-biased information on birthing, with the goal of presenting labor as a normal body process and offering you the most comprehensive information for a more fulfilling birthing experience. With short or longer childbirth courses, BTC aims to help you make informed, healthy choices as you prepare to have a child. The learning continues after your baby is born with BTC Parenting and Family Connections classes for infants and toddlers, and discussion classes for families of all ages. These classes offer a safe, inviting, relaxed atmosphere where you can meet other parents and caregivers, build relationships and find answers to parenting questions.

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Faculty & Staff

Alasia Canares

Ashley Hosaka

Carolynn Slocum

Corrie Burke

Gina Eiford

Heidi Sulak

Jennica Rawstron

Lisa Follet

Michelle Malone

Sonu Deol

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Hours & Contacts

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