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Welcome to the Accessibility Resources (AR) Application Page!

AR is a center for disability and accessibility education, student development, and resources. The professionals who work in AR ensure students with disabilities have equal access for participation in campus courses, programs, and activities. Once a student registers with AR, they are regarded as a student with a disability and receives protection against discrimination based on federal and state law.


  • You will be contacted by email to set up an Access Planning Meeting. 
  • Your preferred email in your ctcLink profile will be used to contact you, so please make sure it is updated and accurate.
  • AR emails may go to your junk/spam folders - make sure you are checking those folders.
  • Add to your preferred senders' list so you will receive our emails.

To apply:

Click on the “Next” button at the bottom of this page.

Completely fill out the AR Application.

If you have documentation you would like to share with AR to support your application, you may upload it when you complete the AR Application.


Once AR receives your application:

You will be invited to an Access Planning Meeting (APM) where you will have the opportunity to discuss your history of disability, understand the purpose of academic accommodations in the college setting, learn what type of documentation works for college-level accommodations, and discuss the barriers you experience or may experience in the college classroom.

Based on your discussion, there will be a determination of reasonable accommodations based on your specific disability(ies). These accommodations are determined by (a) your self-report in your AR Application, (b) information obtained through your Access Planning Meeting, and (c) your disability documentation.

You will have access to myAR portal where you will be able to view your eligibility for accommodations, renew accommodations, manage your AR requests, and Request an Appointment with AR staff.

If you have specific questions about this process, please email

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Hours & Contacts

Regular Hours

Mon to Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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