Library FAQs

If you cannot find the information you need in these FAQs, please feel free to contact us!

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Our Physical Space

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Online Resources

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Research Help

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Borrowing Materials

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Technology Help

  • How do I reset my network password?


    This guide, BTC Technology Camp, contains information for setting up your BTC technology access. 

  • Is there one place I can learn more about BTC Technology?


    Yes!  We have a guide titled "BTC Technology Camp" for new or returning students who need to get their basic "how to" questions about technology answered.

  • How do I log into BTC Student Email?


    Our guide, BTC Technology Camp, has a section about student email, found here.

    You can get more help by emailing us:

  • How do I transfer my BTC email to my other email account?


    • The BTC Student Email (Outlook) can forward to the email you use most often.

    • To set up email forwarding:

    o Log into your BTC Student email.
    o Click on the Settings “cog wheel” in the upper right-hand corner.
    o Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “View All Outlook Settings.”
    o There are many ways to customize at this page, but look for “Forwarding.”
    o Click on “Enable Forwarding” and input the email address where you want your BTC student email forwarded to.
    o Click on “SAVE” and you’re done.
  • What is my PIN?


    What is my PIN default?
    • Your PIN is your 6-digit birthdate in the format MMDDYY (i.e. June 20, 1995 PIN would be 062095).

  • I've heard I can download Microsoft Office to my laptop. How do I do that?


    How to download the Microsoft Office Suite:

    • This guide has step-by-step instructions for downloading the Microsoft Office Suite. Beginning in 2022, the download includes Microsoft ACCESS (PCs only). Mac users can use Microsoft ACCESS through Remote Desktop.

    • You can also access Microsoft Office in other ways:

    • You can use Microsoft Office via Remote Desktop.  This tab (on our BTC Technology Camp guide) will help you navigate BTC Remote Desktop access.  

    • You can check out a laptop from the BTC Library. All BTC Library laptops have MS Office installed.

    • Students have web access to Office 365;  login is required. (MS ACCESS is not available in the web version of Office 365).

    How many devices can I use Microsoft Office on?
    • You can load Microsoft Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs as well as any apps on mobile devices you own.
    • You can also use Microsoft Office via Remote Desktop without downloading.

    How long will I have access to Microsoft Office via BTC?
    • When you download the software, it will be fully functional until 1 year after you graduate or withdraw from BTC. At that time, you'll be given the option to convert your account into a paid subscription through Microsoft. If you decline, functionality of the applications will be reduced to viewing capability only. You will no longer be able to create or edit documents.

  • How do I get help with Canvas?


    Try the Canvas 101 online tutorial!  It will introduce you to Canvas's basic features and technology requirements.  For more help, the Canvas Student Guide is another online resource about how to use and navigate within Canvas.   You can also reach eLearning staff during business hours directly by calling 360.752.8555, or emailing

  • How do I download Microsoft ACCESS?


    Microsoft ACCESS is now included in the download of Office 365 - but for PC users only.  Instructions for downloading Office are found in our BTC Technology Camp guide under "Downloading Microsoft Office."

    Is there a Mac version of Microsoft ACCESS?
    The Mac version of Microsoft Office that students download via their email does not include ACCESS, however you may use ACCESS via Remote Desktop.  Remote Desktop instructions can be found here.  

  • How do I access BTC Remote Desktop?


    Remote Desktop use differs between PC and Mac users.

    • There is a Microsoft Remote Desktop app available on the Play Store (PC) and the App Store (Mac and Apple).

    • Most PCs have the Remote Desktop application pre-loaded. Search your computer for "remote desktop."

    • There is a section on using Remote Desktop in our BTC Technology Camp guide.   

  • How can I brush up on my computer skills?


    If you are feeling rusty or unsure about using a computer, you can learn or review basic technology skills using the free Northstar Digital Literacy program.

  • How can I find career coaching information online?


    BTC has a new career assessment tool called Career Coach.  At this site you can browse career options, find the programs at BTC that match your skills, and even work on your resume.

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Library Study Rooms

  • May I reserve a study room in advance?


    • No study rooms are available in our temporary location, G Building Rooms 102 & 103.  The Cafeteria next door is open for group study.
    • The Library Computer Lab, temporarily located in Haskell 203, is open for drop in computer use Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 11 am - 3 pm.
  • Does the Library Have VCRs?


     **No study rooms or VCRs are available in our temporary location, G Building Rooms 102 & 103**


  • Where can I find white board markers?


    The staff at the Library Information Desk can provide markers for the study room white boards.

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Print / Copy / Scan / Fax

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Hours & Contacts


Monday-Friday 7:30AM to 5PM / Friday 7:30AM to 4PM

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