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Computer Science - DTA-MRP

Bellingham Technical College offers your first step toward a successful career in Computer Science. Earn your associate degree and a solid foundation at BTC in two years, and be ready to transfer to a four-year college or university to earn your bachelor’s degree in computer science to build a career in a field that is experiencing strong growth in Washington and nationwide. BTC’s Associate in Computer Science transfer degree is designed for students who want to transfer and major in computer science at a Washington State college or university. After completing the 90-credit-hour associate degree program at BTC, you may transfer as a junior into a Bachelor of Science (BS) program in computer science.

Entry Information

When Can I Start?

The Computer Science DTA is not accepting candidates for the 20-21 academic year. Please contact Admissions at 360.752.8345 or e-mail us at for information concerning potential future cohorts.

What are the Minimum Entry Requirements?

Admissions application and assessment testing in Reading, Math and Writing is required. Your score on the test and/or your previous transcripts will determine where you begin your course sequence. Contact Admissions at 360.752.8345 or at for assistance with academic planning.

Test scores or transcripts from another college may also be accepted. For more information on transferring classes, please see the Transfer Student page.

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Admissions Application

What are My Next Steps?


Total Program Credits: 90

  • Classes may only be applied to one distribution area.
  • Some universities require specific classes. Please check with intended bachelor's institution.
  • Communication Skills

  • ENGL& 101 is required by all. Choose one additional class from options provided.
  • CMST& 220Public Speaking - Required by Whitworth.5 CR
  • ENGL& 102English Composition II - Required by EWU.5 CR
  • ENGL& 235Technical Writing5 CR
  • Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Skills

  • MATH& 151Calculus I5 CR
  • Humanities

  • Selected from at least two disciplines. No more than 10 credits allowed from any one discipline. No more than five credits in foreign language.
  • CMST& 210Interpersonal Communication5 CR
  • CMST& 220Public Speaking5 CR
  • HIST& 146United States History I5 CR
  • HIST& 147United States History II5 CR
  • HIST& 148United States History III5 CR
  • HUM& 101Introduction to Humanities5 CR
  • SPAN& 121Spanish I5 CR
  • SPAN& 122Spanish II5 CR
  • Social Sciences

  • BUS& 101Introduction to Business5 CR
  • ECON& 201Micro Economics - Required by WSU Vancouver.5 CR
  • ECON& 202Macro Economics - Required by WSU Vancouver.5 CR
  • POLS& 202American Government5 CR
  • PSYC& 100General Psychology5 CR
  • PSYC& 200Lifespan Psychology5 CR
  • SOC& 101Introduction to Sociology5 CR
  • Natural Sciences

  • MATH& 152Calculus II5 CR
  • PHYS& 221Engineering Physics I w/Lab5 CR
  • PHYS& 222Engineering Physics II w/Lab5 CR
  • Major Requirements

  • CS& 131Computer Science I C++ - Required by all.5 CR
  • CS 132Computer Science II C++ - Required by all.5 CR
  • IT 121Introduction to Programming - Required by all.5 CR
  • MATH& 146Introduction to Statistics - Required by UW Bothell.5 CR
  • MATH& 163Calculus 3- Required by WSU.5 CR
  • University Specific Requirements

  • Physical, Biological and/or Earth Sciences with lab required by Pacific Lutheran- Seattle, WSU and WWU.
  • BIOL& 160General Biology with Lab5 CR
  • BIOL& 260Microbiology5 CR
  • CHEM& 110Chemical Concepts w/Lab5 CR
  • CHEM& 121Intro to Chemistry5 CR
  • CHEM& 131Introduction to Organic/Bio-Chemistry5 CR
  • CHEM& 161General Chemistry w/ Lab I5 CR
  • CHEM& 162General Chemistry w/Lab II5 CR
  • PHYS& 110Physics for Non-Science Majors w/Lab5 CR
  • PHYS& 223Engineering Physics III w/Lab - Required by Gonzaga, Heritage, Whitworth and WWU.5 CR

Program Outcomes

  • Apply quantitative analysis to solve problems.
  • Apply appropriate logic, tools, and processes to write software programs that solve given problems.
  • Critically evaluate computer technical reports, updates, and information.
  • Effectively communicate technical processes.


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