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Ready to move forward in your life?
BTC can give you career-ready skills in two years or less!

Whether you are a high school graduate, recently laid off and in need of retraining, pursuing a new career, ready to become a skilled worker, etc... whatever your circumstances may be, we have a place for you.

Follow the sequence below or click on the tabs above for an overview of the enrollment process. You may also review the BTC Admissions Checklist for more detailed steps.

If you are an immigrant, undocumented, or international student, please visit our International Students page for additional admissions requirements.

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Entry Services

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    Apply to BTC & Financial Aid

    It’s easy and free to apply for admission!

Explore your Options

BTC offers a variety of exciting educational opportunities. Whether you have decided on a program of study, or not, there is a lot of information available to help you understand your options. Use the following resources while exploring your potential pathways.

Programs & Degrees
Estimated Program Costs
Schedule a Campus Tour
Guide From Foster Care to College
College Guide for Low-Income Students


Apply to BTC

Once you have decided on a program of study, submit an online application through the Washington State Web Admissions Center. Applying online takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Apply Now! Follow the Quick Start instructions provided by the Washington State Web Admissions Center.

You will be assigned a Student Identification Number (SID) within three business days of applying to BTC.

Plan ahead! Several BTC programs have additional admissions prerequisites/requirements which must be completed before you can be considered program ready. Visit the Program & Degrees page for details.

For further information regarding admissions to special programs or applying online, contact the Admissions & Student Resource Center at 360-752-8345 or with questions.


Apply for Financial Aid

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at It’s easy and should take only about 30 minutes to complete. This step is highly recommended, however, not required for admission.

You’ll need:

  • An FSA ID from the Department of Education site. This helps them identify you when accessing your information and acts as your electronic signature. If you are a dependent of your parent or guardian, they will need their own FSA ID. Get your FSA ID here.
  • Income records, such as W2s, copies of federal tax returns, and SSI benefits for the previous year. Dependent students will need their parents’ or guardians’ income records.
  • BTC College Code 016227

You’ll receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Department of Education. This is a summary of the information you provided. Review the SAR carefully. Make any necessary corrections online or contact Financial Aid at for help.

Other financial aid may be available to you outside of the FAFSA application. For more information, visit the Student Financial Resources page.

Continue the admission steps on the Placement tab

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    Assess Your Starting Point

    Transcripts and Placement Test

Assessing Your Starting Point

There are multiple measures to assess your starting point at BTC:

  • Take the ACCUPLACER Assessment (more information below)
  • Submit High School English and/or math GPAs from within the last five years for evaluation
  • Submit SAT and ACT test scores for evaluation
  • Submit other test scores for evaluation (Compass, Asset, etc.)
  • New! BTC is now implementing the use of the Smarter Balance 11th Grade Assessment for possible placement into English and math college courses


Take the ACCUPLACER Assessment

Students must take the ACCUPLACER Assessment to evaluate reading, math, and grammar skills if their GPA or test scores do not meet the minimum requirements after evaluation, or if they have not taken any of the tests listed above.

The ACCUPLACER assessment is not a pass/fail test – it simply measures your current skill level. Your scores will help you choose the right classes, make a plan, and obtain any needed support services. Starting with the ACCUPLACER means a more successful college experience.

ACCUPLACER assessment by appointment ONLY– just pay the $25 fee to the BTC Cashier, Campus Store, or Campus Store Online, and email to Assessment@btc.eduschedule. You will also need to bring your government issued photo identification such as a driver's license, Tribal ID, TWIC card, or passport. Plan to spend about two hours taking the exam.

Your Placement Test will be in H Building, Room H-4 if you schedule on campus testing or through Zoom if you are testing remotely.

Weekly ACCUPLACER Assessment Schedule:

  • By Appointment only
  • Mon-Thu 8:30 am-5:00 pm
  • Virtual/Zoom Appointments
  • Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm

We recommend you refresh and review your skills before you take the test.

EdReady can help you prepare for the ACCUPLACER, GED Exam, or your next math class. It shows what you will need to study for the goals you choose and gives you a customized plan to gain mastery. Go to to sign up! (Use Firefox when creating your account)

Accuplacer study guides:

Khan Academy produces micro-lectures in the form of YouTube videos. In addition to micro-lectures, the organization's website features practice exercises and tools for educators. All resources are available for free on their website:

Score Interpretation Tool

Once you have test scores, use the

English ACCUPLACER Course Placement Worksheet &

Math ACCUPLACER Course Placement Worksheet

to determine where to begin your math and English sequence.

Please visit the Assessment Center webpage to find out more information about the ACCUPLACER assessment.

Continue the admission steps on the Advising & Registration tab

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    Advising & Registration

    Let’s get you registered for classes!

Advising & Registration

Students must attend a mandatory GET Started appointment. Meet with Entry Services & Advising staff as they help you navigate your Goals, create an Education Plan, and become Tech Ready.

Making a GET Started Appointment, please fill out the form located at and an Entry Services & Advising staff member will call you to schedule a time that will work best for you.

Important Notes:

  • The ACCUPLACER assessment or Transcript Evaluation must be completed prior to attending the appointment..
  • If you are receiving L & I benefits, need an accommodation, or you cannot attend a GET Started appointment before the quarter begins, please contact the Admissions & Student Resource Center at 360-752-8345.


If you have questions about the GET Started appointment please contact the Admissions & Student Resource Center at 360.752.8345 or

Continue the admission steps on the Attend tab

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    Prepare to Attend

    Gear up for class

New Student Orientation


New Student Orientation is for new students to connect with faculty, staff, and students. Meet program faculty and tour your program. Learn about campus resources and what to expect your first quarter.

You can sign up for New Student Orientation online at our Entry Services Calendar. The orientation will take place in Settlemyer Hall, located in Campus Center.

If you have any questions please contact the Student Life Director at 360.752.8587 or


Pay Tuition and Fees

You are considered officially enrolled when your tuition and fees are paid in-full. Tuition and fees are due in-full by the date indicated on the College Calendar. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. To view current tuition and fee rates, please visit our Tuition & Fees webpage

Pay online with a Visa or MasterCard credit (not debit) card, or pay at the Cashier window, located on the main floor of the College Services (CS) building, where you may use cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or financial aid award.


Student ID Card

A photo ID or student ID card is required for some registration transactions.

Starting Monday, July 16th, 2018: Student ID cards will be available, at no cost, in the Student Center -CC 300 (3rd floor, Campus Center building). Please bring photo ID during normal business hours.

Your Student ID qualifies you for discounts on Whatcom Transit Authority (WTA) bus passes and at many local vendors, plus access to the Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College libraries.


Find textbook lists or take your printed class schedule to the Campus Store, located in the Campus Center (CC) building. Tip: We do NOT recommend purchasing texts for any other quarter than the current one in which you are registered.


If you are taking any online or hybrid classes, be sure to setup and check your BTC email for instructions on how to access your classes. To setup your email and explore your online classes, please visit the Student Login page.