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Financial aid is awarded at a full-time enrollment level (12+ credits) for most students. If you plan to enroll for fewer than 12 credits, submit this form before the 10th day of the quarter (quarterly census date) to update your enrollment level. Your financial aid will be adjusted to reflect the enrollment level indicated below. If your financial aid disbursed prior to adjusting your enrollment level, you may be required repay all or a portion of the funds disbursed.

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Certain types of financial aid require students to enroll in a minimum number of credits in one quarter. Only credits that are required for completion of a student’s current program of study are included in the enrollment level.

  • If you receive a full-time Pell Grant in Summer, Fall and Winter quarters, students must enroll in at least six credits to receive Pell Grant in Spring quarter.
  • To participate in Work Study or to borrow from the Federal Direct Loan program, students must enroll in at least six credits of eligible coursework.
  • To receive funds from WA College Grant or College Bound Scholarship, students must enroll in a minimum of three credits of required coursework.

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