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Repeating a Course

  • Students who repeat a course need to submit a “Course Repeat” form before the course is completed

  • Students may not take a class more than three (3) times per state regulation (this is defined as two repeats in addition to the original enrollment). Some programs may have more stringent restrictions for repeating courses (e.g. nursing). Courses with letter grades AU, CR, I or NP are excluded since these grades do not affect the GPA calculation.

  • Repeat will be indicated on the course(s) that have been repeated with the lowest grade on the transcript. Only the highest grade will compute in the cumulative GPA

  • Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits should consult the respective office(s) prior to repeating a course, as benefits or eligibility may be reduced or canceled as a result of the repeat

  • Requests for an exception to the Course Repeat rule may be submitted in writing to the appropriate Dean for review and determination

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