Awarding Credit for Military Training

BTC Policy Section 332.1




Bellingham Technical College values college level knowledge and experiences students may have gained outside of formal collegiate instruction. This knowledge may have been acquired through documented military training equivalent to any course or program offered by Bellingham Technical College (BTC). Credit will be awarded from a studentís official Joint Services Transcript (JST), from the Community College of the Air Force transcript or any other college/university attended, based on recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) guide for prior military training that is applicable to a studentís certificate or degree requirements.






1.    A copy of this policy will be available to all prospective, applicant and enrolled students through the college website, handbook and catalog.


2.    Bellingham Technical College enrolled students who are veterans of any branch of the United States armed services must request transfer credit for military training by submitting an Evaluation Request form to the BTC Transcript Evaluator. The student must provide an official Joint Services Transcript (JST), from the Community College of the Air Force transcript or any other college/university attended.


3.    Upon receipt of the official transcript the Credit Evaluator will evaluate the transcript for reading, English and mathematics placement and any academic (general education) credits.

Credits will be posted to the student record as applicable.


4.    If technical courses need to be evaluated, the transcript will be forwarded to appropriate program faculty to evaluate in 3 weeks, along with the course description and the accompanying American Council on Education (ACE) course recommendation. The American Council on Education (ACE) standards are used as a guide. ACE translates military courses and occupations into academic credit recommendation, and provides guidelines to interpret and recommend credit for college courses.


Exception: Military transfer credit for some programs must meet outside agency criteria prior to BTC acceptance (exp: programs with external accreditation).


5.    Any military training or experience that is substantially equivalent to any course or program offered will be accepted as applicable toward the veteraní program of study.


6.    ACE military course recommendations are accepted for both the amount of credit suggested, and the level of credit recommended (upper or lower division credit) under the following circumstances:

a.    The military course must match a required course listed in the student veteranís area or degree of pursuit.

b.    Twelve credits of any degrees must be earned at BTC. The balance of program course requirements can be transferred in from other sources, including military credit.

c.    Any remaining ACE credits on transcripts that do not match any courses in any degree of pursuit may be accepted as elective credits.


7.    Per the Veteranís Administration, all veteran student transfer credit must be evaluated within two quarters of program start. After the third quarter, if the student does not submit all transcripts, he/she must be decertified for the use of VA education benefits.


8.      Veteran students using education benefits are not permitted to opt out of prior credit evaluation.


A list of military courses that match the common BTC courses can be viewed below (Exhibit B):







A. Evaluation Request form (PDF)




B. Military Crosswalk (as of 11/17/15)


Military JST Transcript

BTC Courses

BTC Course Title

Introduction to Communication

CMST& 210

Interpersonal Communication

College Composition Modular

ENGL& 101

English Composition I

Computer Applications

CAP 101

Introduction to Computers

Computer Software Applications

CAP 101

Introduction to Computers

Records Management

BUS 123

Records Management