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Medical Receptionist

Medical Receptionist Certificate

If you like working with people in a medical setting with lots of variety, then choose the Medical Receptionist program. You’ll gain the knowledge and valuable skills employers in the health care industry need. You might work in a hospital, physician’s office, dental office, or health care clinic.

Employment Information

79% BTC graduate placement rate

$35,214 starting annual wage

$40,830 average annual wage

$48,776 potential annual wage

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Jobs & Employment

Employment opportunities for receptionists are expected to grow. Medical receptionists work in doctors’ and dentists’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, surgical centers and clinics. Job openings should be plentiful due to the large size and high rate of turnover associated with this occupation.

The average annual wage in this field is $40,830, with an earning potential of about $48,776 per year.*

Potential Positions

Nationally, more than two-thirds of all receptionists work in service industries and almost half of these are located in the health service industry.


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  • Required Courses for Program
  • BUS 123Records Management3 credits

    Develops skills for indexing, coding, and cross-referencing documents in alphabetic, subject, chronologic, numeric and geographic filing systems. Includes requisitions and charge-outs, records transfer, various filing systems, and an overall view of the role of records management in business including electronic and image records.

    Future Offerings
    4/7-6/24Th10:30a-12:40pSTAFFOpenings: 24
  • BUS 230Medical Office Procedures5 credits

    Medical Office Procedures is an introduction to healthcare administration. This course gives students transferable skills that will aid them in attaining employment within healthcare, as well as a global understanding of the differences within the various healthcare systems. A strong emphasis will be placed on interpersonal skills, appropriate communication and customer service skills when working in a diverse office team environment. The student will learn the duties in the medical office, computerized medical office procedures as well as exercises in judgment, independent action, and coping with interruptions. In addition to computerized appointment scheduling and billing, students learn about the major insurances with ICD and CPT coding. This course is designed to give an overview of the various areas within healthcare administration that most healthcare professionals will be expected to understand and know when seeking a job. Although healthcare operations may vary, a basic level of understanding in administration is vital for all healthcare professionals. (Note: this course meets the communications general education requirement for the medical coding and billing generalist program only).

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills score of 71 or higher.

    Future Offerings
    4/7-6/24TTh 1:10p-3:20pWALKER SOpenings: 24
  • CAP 101Introduction to Computer Applications5 credits

    Students will use a personal computer to demonstrate basic skills in Windows, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Students will also identify hardware components, demonstrate effective internet usage, and use the tools within the BTC learning management system. For off-campus, a Windows-based computer is required.

    Accuplacer score: 71 Reading.

    Future Offerings
    1/7-3/26MWF10:10a-11:30aSTAFFOpenings: 24
    1/7-3/26Online STAFFOpenings: 26
    4/7-6/24MF12:30p-1:50pMILLER AOpenings: 24
    4/7-6/24Online STAFFOpenings: 26
  • CAP 105Computerized Touch Keyboarding2 credits

    A touch typing course for beginners as well as those needing to brush up on their keyboarding skills. Course covers learning to type alphabetical keys by touch using proper technique. For off-campus work, a Windows-based computer is required.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 50 or higher or RDG 085 with a C or higher.

    Future Offerings
    1/7-2/7TWThF 2:10p-3:10pPEDERSEN MOpenings: 24
    4/7-5/1WF10:10a-11:30aPEDERSEN MOpenings: 24
  • CAP 106Formatting with MSWord4 credits

    Provides skillbuilding, production typing, and Microsoft Word fundamentals at the beginning or review level. Students use MS Word to format letters, memos, reports, and tables. For off-campus work, a Windows-based computer is required.

    CAP 105; or instructor permission.

    Future Offerings
    10/21-12/13Online MASSEY JWaitlisted: 3
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    2/11-3/26TWThF 2:10p-3:30pPEDERSEN MOpenings: 24
    5/4-6/24WF10:10a-11:30aPEDERSEN MOpenings: 24
  • CAP 107Computerized Keyboard Skillbuilding I3 credits

    Designed to help students improve their speed and accuracy at the computer. Computerized lessons analyze areas of weakness and provide appropriate drills for improvement. For off-campus work, a Windows-based computer is required.

    CAP 106; or instructor permission.

    Future Offerings
    4/7-6/24W 2:10p-3:30pPEDERSEN MOpenings: 24
  • CMST& 210Interpersonal Communications5 credits

    Designed to introduce students to the application of basic interpersonal communication theory, with a focus on achieving success in the workplace. Topics explored include self-awareness, self-disclosure, conversation skills, relationship development and maintenance, assertiveness, teamwork and group dynamics, conflict management strategies, and diversity issues.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 71 or a C grade in RDG 085, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 71 or a C grade in ENGL 092.

    Future Offerings
    1/9-3/26Th 6:00p-8:10pSTAFFOpenings: 28
    1/8-3/25MW 2:10p-3:30pSTAFFOpenings: 24
    1/7-3/26TTh 1:10p-3:20pSTAFFOpenings: 28
    1/8-3/25MWF 8:30a-9:50aSTAFFOpenings: 28
    1/7-3/26Online STAFFOpenings: 24
    1/7-3/26Online STAFFOpenings: 24
    4/8-6/24MW 2:10p-3:30pSTAFFOpenings: 24
    4/7-6/23TTh 8:00a-10:10aSTAFFOpenings: 28
    4/8-6/24MWF 8:30a-9:50aSTAFFOpenings: 28
    4/7-6/23TTh 6:00p-8:10pSTAFFOpenings: 28
    4/7-6/23TTh 1:10p-3:20pSTAFFOpenings: 28
    4/7-6/24Online STAFFOpenings: 24
    4/7-6/24Online STAFFOpenings: 24
    4/7-6/24Online STAFFOpenings: 24
  • Electives15 credits

  • Required Elective Credits
  • Note: Medical Receptionist students may choose 15 Elective Credits from any 100 level or higher courses with the following prefixes: HT126 (recommended), ACCT, BUS, CAP, CIS, ECON, HRM, LGL, IT, MGMT, and PMP.

    FBE courses may not be used as electives. Courses taken to meet the general education or program core requirements may not be used for electives.


Entry Information

Check out the information below to learn how you can get started!

When Can I Start?

While students may begin this program in any quarter, it is recommended that students meet with an advisor to identify the best quarter start and create an academic plan specific to their chosen electives. There are some classes that are only offered once a year which, if not taken in the appropriate quarter, may impact the ability to complete the certificate in three consecutive quarters.

What Are The Minimum Entry Requirements?

These requirements are for the Certificate.

  • Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 71 or a C grade in RDG 085, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 71 or a C grade in ENGL 092.
  • Accuplacer Arithmetic score of 50 or a C grade or better in MATH 090.

Pre-Program Course Requirements

  • Students must have an Accuplacer score of 50 in Arithmetic or a grade of “C” or better in MATH 090.

What Are My Next Steps?

  1. Apply to BTC and Financial Aid
  2. Take the ACCUPLACER/Placement Test
  3. Attend an Advising & Registration Session
  4. Prepare to Attend

Program Outcomes

  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate the skills and competencies necessary to operate medical office software and to perform daily office functions.

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Jack Wollens

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Jack has many years of experience working on and managing IT computer help desks. He also has several industry certifications as well as a Masters De...

    • Jack has many years of experience working on and managing IT computer help desks. He also has several industry certifications as well as a Masters Degree in Business/Technology Management.