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I-BEST stands for Integrated Basic Education Skills Training. I-BEST is a special program structure intended for students who will benefit from receiving extra support in the classroom. I-BEST students work with two teachers in the classroom, one a specialist in the field of study, the other a specialist in basic academic skills.

Which Programs are I-BEST Programs?

The I-BEST program structure is currently being offered for special sections of the Precision Machining and Welding programs at BTC.


Who is I-BEST For?

I-BEST is for you if:

  • You are heading for a career, and are highly motivated to achieving your goals.
  • You have not yet passed the Accuplacer reading, sentence skills, and/or math requirement.
  • You meet CASAS testing requirements.
  • You are working on your GED, ESL, or Basic Skills.

How Does I-BEST Work?

  • I-BEST students work half time in the program with both instructions and half time in Basic Academic Skills classes.
  • Students who complete I-BEST programs may be eligible to transition into standard program sections at BTC

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