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At BTC, you’re part of a community of students, instructors and staff who are supportive of your goals and ready to help you achieve them.

Education Tax Credit (1098T)

The payment detail allows students to view class and payment information for the 2019 American Opportunity Credit and Lifetime Learning tax credit.

Start here to find the resources you need.

Advising and Career Service link

Advising & Career Services

Get Assistance from an Academic & Career Advisor.

Financial Resources link

Financial Resources

At BTC’s Student Financial Resources, you’ll find friendly people with the experience and know-how to make the process of funding your education a lot easier, so you can get the skills you need for today’s high-paying jobs.

Start here to learn how to apply for financial aid, scholarships, veteran’s benefits, Workforce Funding, and other programs you may qualify for.

Tuition and Fees link

Tuition & Fees

In addition to tuition, students pay program and course fees to cover costs such as lab assistants, supplies, materials, equipment, and other operations. Find out about all possible fees here.

Registration link


Registering for your BTC program courses is fast and easy. It’s up to each student to register for the upcoming quarter’s classes—so don’t get left behind!

Transcripts link


An official transcript is a sealed copy of your record at BTC. It bears the College seal and is signed by the Registrar. You’ll need to order an official transcript if you wish to transfer BTC credits to another college or university. There are more transcript options to learn about.

Tutoring Center link

Tutoring Center

A free service to help you increase your understanding and achieve success in math, accounting, chemistry, biology, writing, English, and many other courses. Tutors are recruited for whatever subject is requested by BTC students.

Library link


The BTC Library is your gateway to information and tools that can help you succeed in your program. Here, you can explore ideas, learn new concepts, and connect with other students and faculty. The friendly staff is always ready to help you access whatever information you need.

elearning link


eLearning provides campus-wide training and support for Canvas, BTC's online Learning Management System. eLearning supports student success through a commitment to the development and design of quality online learning and teaching environments

High School Programs link

High School Programs

Get information about BTC’s dual credit programs for high school students interested in getting a head start on college courses.

Campus Store link

Campus Store

After you’ve registered for classes, hit the Campus Store for all the books and materials you’ll need for your degree or certificate program courses, as well as continuing education courses. Bring your printed schedule, and the friendly staff will help you find what you need.

Parking link


All of BTC’s parking lots are monitored, so make sure you are parking in a designated no permit required area or register as a Visitor on our logs.

Student Life link

Student Life

College is a prime opportunity to develop new job skills, but some of today’s most valuable workplace skills—like leadership, team building, and collaboration—are learned outside the classroom.

Student Resources link

Student Resources

At BTC, you’re part of a community of students, instructors and staff who are supportive of your goals and ready to help you achieve them.

Start here to find the resources you need.

Counseling link


BTC counselors have one goal: to help students experience success. Whether you need assistance to overcome the barriers that sometimes get in your way, or some support while you learn to manage the educational process, we’re here for you.