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Melissa Wechter
STAR Completion Coach

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College Services CS 106A

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Rush Duncan
STAR Completion Coach

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College Services CS 106

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Laura Doss
STAR Completion Coach

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College Services CS 106

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STAR - Success Coaching, Tutoring, Academic Support, and Resources

Bellingham Technical College’s STAR program provides ongoing personalized coaching, mentoring, tutoring, and more to students who are committed to achieving their educational goals. Our program was created specifically to build a community of support and success on campus. The STAR program believes every student belongs at BTC.

STAR is a grant-funded program that is limited to serving 500 active students annually. If you join, you will work with a STAR coach to plan for your success at BTC, help you navigate resources and get the most out of your education. STAR also has a wonderful team of peer coaches (fellow students currently enrolled) who are here to work with you as you develop all the skills and habits you need to reach your goals!

As a STAR student, you will:

  • Attend regular meetings with your STAR coach each quarter (at a time that works for you) in order to build on strengths you bring to college, plan for success, set goals, debrief, check in, problem-solve, and celebrate your hard work.
  • Participate in events and workshops with fellow STAR students on various topics to help you reach your goals.
  • Discover and pursue opportunities for leadership, peer coaching, community-building, and networking within and beyond STAR.
  • Have access to dedicated STAR peer coaches and tutors.

Eligibility Criteria:

    Most BTC students are eligible! Maybe you're the first in your family to be in college. Maybe you're struggling a bit in your classes. Maybe it's been a while since you've been in school. Maybe you just want extra support. If you're not sure, come talk to us!

How do I sign up?

  • Stop by: We’re located at BTC in College Services CS 106
  • Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Email:
  • Call: 360 752.8645


  • How often will I meet with my STAR coach?

    At the beginning, you’ll likely meet with your STAR coach twice a month for the first few months, unless you let us know this frequency won’t work for your schedule. Once you and your STAR coach have been working together for some time and have established some long-term goals, it is likely your 1:1 meetings will become less frequent. Once a month or once a quarter may fit better, it depends on what works for you.

  • What types of events or workshops will I be required to attend?

    As part of STAR, you’ll attend events and campus workshops. These will be relevant to your goals and degree plan, so it is in your best interest to attend regardless of whether or not you participate in STAR.

  • I work and am busy. Can I still participate in STAR?

    Yes! Students who work have added time management concerns. They also have the added benefit of gaining work experience and the opportunity to master time management during their time in college. We’ll work with you to make sure our meetings are useful and fit in your schedule. We are also available by phone and email. Just let us know if you’d like to meet less frequently or touch base more frequently by phone or email rather than face-to-face.

  • How many hours a month can I expect to commit to STAR activities?

    As student in STAR, you’ll be committing about 1-3 hours a month to STAR activities. This includes meeting with your coach, attending events and workshops, and working toward goals outside of our meetings. As you begin to seek out and pursue leadership and networking opportunities on your own, your meetings with your STAR coach will become less frequent. So, overall, the commitment each month will likely never exceed 3 hours.