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About the BTC Emergency Funding program

The Bellingham Technical College Emergency Funding program provides financial assistance to students who experience financial difficulties that impact their ability to continue their education. Funding is reserved for BTC students who experience unexpected expenses only. Students who meet eligibility criteria below may submit an application for funds to the Student Financial Resources Office. The Emergency Funding committee reviews requests no later than one week after requests are received.

Eligibility for Emergency Funding

Requests are generally approved when the funding need is due to circumstances that are out of the student’s control. Requests are generally not approved for regular ongoing expenses such as rent or utility bills however, the Emergency Funding committee may approve such requests due to other emergency and unexpected circumstances.

BTC Emergency Funding eligibility criteria:

  • Currently enrolled student in good academic standing
  • Evidence of financial need. If eligible, students may demonstrate need by completing a FAFSA/WASFA and providing all required documentation. Other alternatives to demonstrating need may be used.
  • If receiving Financial Aid, funding must fit in the student’s financial aid package.
  • Available award amounts will generally range from $50-$500; higher amount may be considered depending on circumstances.

Emergency Funding Application Process

Students must submit a completed Emergency Funding Request form. The required form is available at:

Emergency Funding Request form

Responses to questions on the form should be as detailed as possible to assist the Emergency Funding team in understanding the circumstances. The Emergency Funding committee will determine whether funds can be provided on a case-by-case basis. Students will be notified by email of the results of their request.