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Get a head start on college while you’re still in high school.

Bellingham Technical College's College in the High School program is a cooperative arrangement between local school districts and Bellingham Technical College (BTC). The program allows high school students opportunity to earn BTC college credit while simultaneously earning their high school credit for approved advanced high school courses. The courses are taught by qualified high school teachers who work closely with BTC to ensure the work that the students perform in the high school course is equivalent to the college course. View the College in the High School Checklist for a list of steps.

  • Information for Students & Parents:
  • Save Money
    • Complete college-level coursework at your high school without having to pay full college tuition, buy books or pay lab/material fees.
  • To be eligible to participate in Bellingham Technical College's College in the High School Program, a student must:

    • Be qualified as a Sophomore, Junior or Senior at a Washington public high school.
    • Attend a high school where BTC has an articulation agreement with a qualified high school instructor.
    • Place into & Enroll in an eligible course

    Information for Teachers

    View our CHS Teachers Handbook

    Campus Tours

    Sign up for a Campus Tour! Campus tours are offered three times per week and by appointment when possible. Sign up by calling 360.752.8345. Please note: Programs with off-site classrooms and lab facilities, such as our Fisheries Technology program & Composites Engineering, must be arranged with faculty and scheduled separately.

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      It’s easy and free to apply for admission!

    Submit a College in the High School Application to BTC. You can review the programs that BTC offers at You can give your application to your College in the High School Advisor at BTC or drop it off at the front desk of the Admissions Office in the College Services building.

    To find out how your CHS class will align with your college goals, please visit our Dual Credit Website. Within 2-3 business days of applying, you’ll receive a Student Identification Number (SID). Your SID will be emailed to you so make sure to check your email every day.

    Important tips:

    • Be sure to complete all fields so we can process your application and provide appropriate correspondence with you.
    • Please write legibly or use the fillable Application so we can enter you information correctly.

    2017-2018 Course Offerings (see course catalog for course descriptions):

    Bellingham High School

    • Math& 151 – Scott Smartt
    • Math& 152 – Scott Smartt

    Please note that students must speak with a college representative for registration assistance. The College in the High School Advisor can be reached at 360-752-8345.

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      Assess your Starting Point



    Assessing Your Starting Point

    There are multiple measures to asses your starting point at BTC:

    • Take the ACCUPLACER Assessment (more information below)
    • Submit eligible high school transcripts for evaluation
    • Submit SAT and ACT test scores for evaluation
    • Submit other test scores for evaluation (Compass, Asset, etc.)
    • New! BTC is now implementing the use of the Smarter Balance Assessment for possible placement into English and math college courses
    • Note: All test scores & transcripts require submission of an Evaluation Request Form.


    ACCUPLACER Assessment

    Students must take the ACCUPLACER Assessment to evaluate reading, math, and grammar skills if their GPA or test scores do not meet the minimum requirements after evaluation, or if they have not taken any of the tests listed above.

    The Accuplacer test is not a pass/fail test. It simply measures your current skill level.

    No appointment is needed to take the ACCUPLACER. There is a fee for the placement test and this fee can be paid at these three locations: BTC Cashier, Campus Store and Campus Store Online. Be sure to bring your receipt to your test, along with photo identification. Plan to spend about two hours taking the exam. Your Placement Test will be in Building H, Room H4 during the times scheduled below.

    Weekly ACCUPLACER Assessment Schedule:

    • Mondays 8:30 am to 8:00 pm (arrive by 6:00 pm)
    • Tuesdays through Fridays 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (arrive by 3:00 pm)

    ACCUPLACER study guides:

    Score Interpretation Tool

    Once you have test scores, use the Score Interpretation Tool to determine where to begin your Math and English sequence.

    Please visit the Assessment Center webpage to find out more information about the Accuplacer Test.

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      Begin Paperwork

    Now is a great time to complete your College in the High School Registration Form and recommended FERPA Release.

    If you are low-income, please complete this Tuition Fee Waiver for financial assistance. This waiver will help with the College in the High School Fee. Please see the Tuition Fee Waiver for eligibility requirements.

    Don’t forget to have your parent/guardian sign your registration form.

    For more information, contact the BTC College in the High School Advisor at 360 752 8345 or e-mail

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      Register / Pay

      Let’s get you enrolled!

    How do I register?

    Give your completed Registration Form to the College in the High School Advisor or bring it to Registration at BTC. You will register in person each quarter.

    Pay Tuition and Fees

    For Bellingham School District the College in the High School fee is $100 per 5-credit class.

    College in the High School Calendar


    Pay Where?

    Pay online with a VISA or MasterCard credit (not debit) card or at the Cashier window, College Services (CS) building, where you may use cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, or financial assistance.

    Low Income?

    Complete & submit a Tuition Fee Waiver.

    Keep in touch! Ask questions!

    If you have questions about College in the High School, please contact the College in the High School Advisor 360-752-8345 or or talk with Registration 360-752-8350 or

    Additional registration resources are available to you on the Registration webpage.

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      Prepare to Attend

      Gear up for class

    Attend your class(es) and do your best, College in the High School classes are transcribed on your high school transcripts AND BTC transcripts.

    Student Refund Request:

    • A written refund request must be submitted to the College by the deadline to receive a 100% refund. The request must be emailed to
    • Students receiving a 100% refund will be dropped from their classes and a “W” will not appear on their transcript
    • No refunds are given after the 100% refund deadline

    Student Withdrawals:

    • Students must notify the College in writing by emailing the request to
    • Withdrawals and inquiries about student records must be made by the student directly to the College and not through the High School. The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) does not permit College staff to disclose or discuss students’ records with anyone other than the student. This includes non-disclosure to parents or legal guardians.
    • Failure to notify the College of a withdrawal may result in a failing grade
    • See the Student/Parent Handbook for more information

    For more information, contact the BTC College in the High School Advisor at 360 752 8385 or e-mail