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Degrees & Classes

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant Certificate

Choose BTC’s Nursing Assistant program and work in a wide variety of medical settings. The knowledge and skills you’ll gain are highly valued by health care industry employers such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and home health agencies.

The Nursing Assistant program is approved by the State of Washington, Department of Health, Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.

Students who complete the Nursing Assistant program will be eligible to take their state certification exam.

Employment Information

$24,835 starting annual wage

$29,016 average annual wage

$34,590 potential annual wage

Employment and wage data sources

Jobs & Employment

Employment of nursing assistants is expected to increase. Employment of nursing assistants is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations in response to an emphasis on rehabilitation and the long-term care needs of a rapidly aging population.

The average annual wage in this field is, $29,016 with an earning potential of about $34,590 per year.*

*Criminal convictions may restrict or prevent student participation with internships and employment in this industry.

Potential Positions

Most program graduates work as nursing assistants in extended care facilities, hospitals, clinics and home health agencies. Others work in residential care facilities, such as halfway houses and homes for the elderly or disabled, or in private households. Nationally, about one-half of all nursing assistants work in nursing homes, and about one-fourth work in hospitals.


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Courses are from the 2017-18 Catalog

  • Quarter 1
  • NA 101Nursing Assistant Essentials5 credits

    Provide the student an opportunity to study the essential theoretical content necessary to meet the OBRA nursing assistant objectives. Fundamental caregiving skills are taught with an emphasis on safety and activities of daily living. While studying the care necessary for an individual of any age, a primary focus is placed on the care of the elderly, including rehabilitation and death and dying.

    Program admission and Reading Comprehension score of 50 or successful completion of ABE 054 and Arithmetic score of 38 or successful completion of ABE 050.

    Future Offerings
    7/6-7/27TWTh 8:00a-3:00pRUTLEDGE SOpenings: 19
    7/6-7/27TWTh 8:00a-3:00pPETTIJOHN SOpenings: 20
    9/19-12/8MW 9:00a-4:00pRUTLEDGE SOpenings: 20
  • HO 127Healthcare Provider CPR0.5 credits

    This 6-hour basic life-support course is designed for healthcare providers and includes adult one- and two-rescuer CPR, pediatric one-rescuer CPR, and barrier devices. Successful written and mannequin skill evaluation and and attendance at all sessions is required to receive a card.

    Future Offerings
    7/8Sa 9:00a-2:30pKING JOpenings: 11
    7/18T 4:00p-7:00pSPENCER KOpenings: 12
    8/5Sa 9:00a-2:30pJORGENSEN KOpenings: 11
    8/21M 3:00p-6:00pJONES COpenings: 12
    9/27W 6:00p-9:00pSTAFFOpenings: 12
    10/14Sa 9:00a-2:00pSTAFFOpenings: 11
    11/13M 5:30p-8:30pSTAFFOpenings: 12
    12/8F 1:00p-6:00pSTAFFOpenings: 12
  • HLTH 133HIV/AIDS: For Healthcare Professional1 credits

    This workshop is designed for the professional needing seven hours of HIV/AIDS education for licensure or professional update. The program utilizes a multi-media approach and meets Washington State certification requirements.

    Future Offerings
    7/5-8/11Online WESTER LOpenings: 43
    10/6F 8:30a-4:30pWESTER LOpenings: 39
    9/19-10/27Online WESTER LOpenings: 50
    10/31-12/8Online WESTER LOpenings: 48
  • NA 102Nursing Assistant Clinical2 credits

    During the clinical practicum the student is given the opportunity to put into practice those skills learned in the classroom and lab settings. The clinical experiences include orientation to the extended care facility and a clinical final exam which is conducted in the college lab.

    Program admission and Reading Comprehension score of 50 or successful completion of ABE 054 and Arithmetic score of 38 or successful completion of ABE 050. Successful completion of HO 127 and HLTH 133.

    Future Offerings
    8/3-8/16TWTh 6:00a-2:30pRUTLEDGE SOpenings: 9
    8/3-8/16MTWTh 2:00p-10:30pSTAFFOpenings: 10
    9/19-12/8MW 6:00a-2:30pRUTLEDGE SOpenings: 10
    9/19-12/8MW 2:00p-10:30pSTAFFOpenings: 10

Program Entry Information

Students are offered enrollment in the Nursing Assistant Program on a space-available basis.

Program Start

  • Students are admitted in the fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters.

Testing Requirements

  • Reading Comprehension: Test Score of 50 or higher OR Essential Reading (ABE 054)
  • Accuplacer Arithmetic: Test score of 38 or higher OR Basic Math (ABE 050)

Pre-Program Course Requirements

  • There are no pre-program requirements, Healthcare Provider CPR and HIV may be taken before the program starts but this is not required.

Program Application/Forms

Other Application Forms

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate clinical competencies defined in WAC 246-841
  • Identify and apply nursing knowledge necessary in the nursing assistant role