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Project Management

Project Management Certificate

You’ll be ready for an exciting career as a project manager after completing the Project Management program at Bellingham Technical College. Project managers are in high demand in today’s competitive, high-tech business world. BTC’s Project Management program will prepare you for employment in service industries, insurance and financial services firms, manufacturers, and government agencies. Students in the Project Management program are usually working professionals who wish to increase their skills and prepare for project management responsibilities.

Employment Information

81% BTC program graduate employment rate

$80,579 starting annual wage

$120,155 average annual wage

$148,678 potential annual wage

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Jobs & Employment

Project Managers can work in virtually any industry including information technology, financial services, government agencies and manufacturing.

The average annual wage in this field is $120,155, with an earning potential of about $148,678 per year.*

Potential Positions

Washington State's aerospace industry is currently hiring a high rate of project managers.


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  • All five classes listed below must be completed in order to submit your Graduation Application for the Project Management Certificate.

  • Quarter 1
  • CAP 150MS Project - Level 11 credits

    Create a project plan file with information entries; develop a work breakdown structure with organizing and task setting relationships; assign resources; and finalize a project plan file. A manual is included with this course.

  • CAP 151MS Project - Level 21 credits

    Exchange project plan data with other applications; update the plan; create custom reports and re-use existing projects plan information. A manual is included with this course.

  • PMP 100Project Management Fundamentals1 credits

    Learn the effective methods of planning and sequencing projects; complete them on schedule; list cost elements of the project budget; discuss ethical strategies for controlling the budget and schedule deviations; and identify communication methods and reporting tools that impact objectives. A manual is included with this course

  • PMP 120Project Management Prep3 credits

    A standards-based approach to project management across applications and industries; focusing on the standards recognized by the Project Management Institute; and assistance with preparing for the Project Management Professional Certification exam. Topics include: project life cycle; criteria for management; common reasons for project failure; risk management plans; and project team-building. Text required.

  • PMP 130PMP Integration1 credits

    Capstone course in the Project Management Certificate program with completion of a project plan (individual's choice) utilizing knowledge, skills and methodologies learned in the certificate program; while teaming with other project managers to work through project simulations and case studies.

    PMP 120.

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Program Entry Information

This program typically starts in Fall and Spring Quarters

Other Application Forms

  • Students wishing to audit the courses without earning college credits/hours or grade may elect to do so by filling out the Audit Request form from the Registrar's office. The course will not be used for technical or occupational programs, nor will it meet any requirements for occupational certificates or degrees. Declaration of audit status must be in the hands of the instructor prior to the end of the second class.

Program Outcomes

  • Graduates will be able to apply project management principles and software to a given project.
  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the functions of a project manager.
  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate successful project management techniques according to industry best practices.