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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner, marketers place a very high value on social media for growing and promoting their businesses. 96% of marketers surveyed indicate that social media is important for their business, while more than 91% want to know the most effective social tactics, and the best ways to engage with social media. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to YouTube companies and individuals embrace social media platforms to attract and retain customers. The program addresses the many benefits and challenges of social media usage, and provides a roadmap to help individuals and companies navigate social media for competitive advantage. Our program addresses the top social media subjects marketers want to learn about including tactics, engagement, measurement, tools and audience, helping individuals and their companies navigate the social media landscape, and gain a competitive edge.

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$76,398 starting annual wage

$109,637 average annual wage

$130,666 potential annual wage

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Courses are from the 2017-18 Catalog

  • Quarter 1
  • BUS 127Social Media Marketing5 credits

    This course provides an introduction to social media marketing (SMM). Special emphasis is placed on creating a social media marketing plan which uses social media platforms to positively influence consumers toward a brand, product, or service. Explore and practice managing social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr as well as emerging platforms.

    Basic understanding of web technologies and marketing concepts is expected.
  • Quarter 2
  • BUS 128Search Engine Marketing5 credits

    Search Engine Marketing is the process of promoting a web site, product or company through both search engine optimization and search advertising. This course examines ways to improve traffic to the web site by improving the ranking in search engine results and paid advertising. Become familiar with different types of marketing data and learn to combine them to answer business questions. Develop a measurement plan for a marketing campaign, and learn to set up the plan so it generates actionable data.

    Basic understanding of web technologies and marketing concepts is expected.
  • Quarter 3
  • BUS 129Social Media Marketing Campaign5 credits

    Students will complete a social media marketing campaign for an organization. By identifying the organizations target market and the social media portals where the organization participates. Students will learn to set measurable goals; design innovative strategies and select appropriate social media portals, craft compelling content to attract and influence the intended audience, monitor and measure progress on a regular basis, and tune the social media marketing campaign to account for the ever changing nature of consumer tastes and the social web.

    Basic understanding of web technologies and marketing concepts is expected.

    Future Offerings
    4/3-6/20Online STAFFOpenings: 24

Program Entry Information

This program typically starts in fall quarter.

Testing Requirements

  • Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 71 or a C grade in RDG 085, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 71 or a C grade in ENGL 092.
  • Accuplacer score of 50 in Arithmetic or a grade of C or better in MATH 090

Program Outcomes

  • Integrate the use of social media tools into implementation of marketing initiatives and other strategic business initiatives
  • Design and implement a social media strategy
  • Discover new media technologies and identify which is best suited for your product or business
  • Implement measurement strategies to track and measure the ROI of social media
  • Map metrics and evaluate results of specific social media driven results
  • Understand how to form and optimize social networks