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Degrees & Classes

Associate in Technology (DTA/MRP)

Associate in Technology (DTA/MRP)

Bellingham Technical College’s Associate in Technology direct transfer degree will help you use your interest in technology to train for top jobs in a variety of high-demand fields, from manufacturing and industrial technology to electronics and design.

This Associate in Technology degree is designed for students planning to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree at a Washington state college or university. You can get the first two years of your bachelor’s degree at Bellingham Technical College and take advantage of BTC’s affordable tuition and small class sizes. After completing this 90-credit associate degree program, you will be ready to transfer into a Bachelor of Science in Technology program.

The Associate in Technology degree also meets the requirements of the Washington State Direct Transfer Agreement, which means you will have met the general education requirements at just about any four-year school in Washington and can enter there as a junior. This transfer degree offers specific pathways for technology majors and also provides you the flexibility to determine your degree path after you transfer to your university of choice. Admission to some program is competitive; be sure to check with colleges you are interested in for specific program admission requirements.

The Associate in Technology transfer program includes courses in English, design, psychology, mathematics, and science, and training in communications skills to help you advance your education and succeed at top jobs in today’s diverse, team-oriented workplace

Employment Information

This program prepares students for a variety of high-wage career opportunities. The technology industry—including related fields, such as manufacturing, electronics, processing, construction, and design—is a key economic sector, and is experiencing rapid growth. Employers throughout the region and nation urgently need more skilled employees equipped to handle and oversee increasingly complex technical systems. Technology graduates are typically working professionals, so salary ranges will vary, depending on the field.

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Courses from the BTC Catalog

  • Communication Skills: 10 Credits
  • ENGL& 101English Composition I5 credits

    A composition course in which students read, analyze, and write essays using a variety of rhetorical strategies, as well as develop and verbally express ideas clearly and effectively. The critical reading of essays will provide a basis for the student's own critical writing, which will reflect a command of college-level literacy standards. Attention to writing fundamentals and stylistic techniques will also be included. Word processing, email and internet knowledge required.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 85 or B grade in RDG 085, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 86 or B grade in ENGL 092 or C grade in AENGL 100.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/19MWF 8:30a-9:50aRICHARDS JOpenings: 19
    4/4-6/20T 8:00a-10:10aRICHARDS JOpenings: 24
    4/4-6/20Online NELSON NOpenings: 15
  • ENGL& 235Technical Writing5 credits

    This course is designed to help students report technical information clearly, completely, and persuasively. Technical writing shares many of the same concerns of other kinds of writing, such as attention to Purpose, Readability, and most significantly, Audience. This course is designed to provide instruction and practice in creating practical and effective documents for students in medical, scientific, technical, and other professional fields.

    ENGL& 101 with a C grade.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20Online RICHARDS JOpenings: 11
  • Mathematics: 10 Credits
  • MATH& 141Precalculus I5 credits

    The focus of this course will be functions. Students manipulate and graph linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic and quadratic functions. The course will also cover systems of equations, matrices and determinants, and their applications.

    BTC College Level Math score of 75 or a C grade in MATH 099.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/19MWF10:10a-11:30aPENG AOpenings: 18
    4/4-6/20Online PENG AOpenings: 9
    4/5-6/16WF12:30p-1:50pPENG AOpenings: 9
  • MATH& 142Precalculus II5 credits

    The majority of this course will cover trigonometry. Students will explore trigonometry functions, right and oblique triangle trigonometry, graphing, trigonometry identifies, laws of Sine and Cosine as well as trigonometric application problems. This course will also cover vectors in the plane and in space, along with parametric equations. Polar coordinates and graphs of polar equations will also be included.

    MATH& 141 with a C grade.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/20Online PENG AOpenings: 9
    4/5-6/19MWF 8:30a-9:50aPENG AOpenings: 9
  • Humanities: 15 Credits
  • CMST& 220Public Speaking5 credits

    Introduction to communication theory and public speaking emphasizing organization, audience analysis, oral styles, and use of visual aids. Includes presentation of various types of public speeches and analyses of contemporary speeches.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 71 or a C grade in RDG 085, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 71 or a C grade in ENGL 092.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20TTh 8:00a-10:10aBURNS JOpenings: 24
    4/5-6/19MWF 5:30p-6:50pBURNS JOpenings: 26
  • Choose two other classes,

  • At least one other than speech,

  • No more than 5 credits in world language

  • CMST& 210Interpersonal Communications5 credits

    Designed to introduce students to the application of basic interpersonal communication theory, with a focus on achieving success in the workplace. Topics explored include self-awareness, self-disclosure, conversation skills, relationship development and maintenance, assertiveness, teamwork and group dynamics, conflict management strategies, and diversity issues.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 71 or a C grade in RDG 085, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 71 or a C grade in ENGL 092.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/19MW 2:10p-3:30pSMITH MOpenings: 8
    4/4-6/20TTh 8:00a-10:10aSMITH MOpenings: 5
    4/5-6/19MWF 8:30a-9:50aSMITH MOpenings: 24
    4/4-6/20TTh 1:10p-3:20pMUDD SOpenings: 24
    4/4-6/20Online LIPPMAN LOpenings: 21
    4/4-6/20Online BURNS JOpenings: 20
    4/4-6/16Online BURNS JOpenings: 19
  • HIST& 146United States History I5 credits

    Survey of Native American societies, European explorers, and the lifestyles of the new continent, the independence movement, and the problems of a new nation.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/19MWF 8:30a-9:50aCRAWFORD KOpenings: 21
  • HIST& 147United States History II5 credits

    Survey course covering the rise of nationalism, evolution of American lifestyles, Civil War, westward movement, and the American industrial revolution.

    HIST& 146 with a C grade.
  • HIST& 148United States History III5 credits

    Survey course exploring the social, political, and economic history of the United States from 1900 to the present.

  • HUM& 101Introduction to Humanities5 credits

    Students explore the works in the literary, performing, and visual arts. Students identify common themes in the arts, analyze works representing diverse perspectives, and investigate the political, social, technological and historical contexts of works. A broader understanding is encouraged through the exploration and synthesis of outside sources using research methods.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 50 or a C grade in ABE 054 or ABE 055, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 50 or a C grade in ENGL 092.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20T10:30a-12:40pWATTS KOpenings: 20
    4/4-6/20Online WATTS KOpenings: 11
  • SPAN& 121Spanish I5 credits

    An introductory course, which facilitates elementary ability in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. This course provides some understanding of Hispanic cultures.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20TTh 5:30p-7:40pRAWLS KOpenings: 10
    4/4-6/20Online RAWLS KOpenings: 10
  • SPAN& 122Spanish II5 credits

    A continuation of Spanish I. The vocabulary and grammatical structures are more complicated, and the student begins to master a past tense. Oral comprehension and speaking skills are emphasized through daily practice, as well as the reading and writing exercises.

    SPAN& 121 with a C grade.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/19MWF 5:30p-6:50pRAWLS KOpenings: 17
    4/5-6/19Online RAWLS KOpenings: 17
  • Social Sciences
  • Choose 3 classes, from at least 2 disciplines

  • BUS& 101Introduction to Business5 credits

    Students are introduced to the broad field of business and its organization, operation and management. Business opportunities, ownership, marketing, physical factors, human resource, finance, regulations and decision-making processes are emphasized. Other topics include problems of organization, strategic management and controls. Fulfills the social science requirements at Bellingham Technical College.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20TTh 8:00a-10:10aWOLLENS JOpenings: 11
  • BUS& 201Business Law5 credits

    This course introduces students to principles underlying the legal environment of business through lectures, classroom activities, and study of text. Students will be exposed to basic information relating business and personal aspects of law as set forth in the course outline.

    71 Reading Accuplacer score.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20Online PRIMIANI FOpenings: 8
  • ECON& 201Micro Economics5 credits

    Introduction to microeconomics. Presents supply and demand models, consumers and producers choice in the competitive and non-competitive market. Examines the various economic decisions made by firms relating to price, demand, factors or production, and cost.

    BTC College Level Math score of 32 or a C grade in MATH 099 or AMATH 111.
  • ECON& 202Macro Economics5 credits

    Introduction to macroeconomics; elementary analysis of the determination of income through national income accounting. Covers macroeconomic issues including inflation, unemployment, economic growth, recessions, monetary/fiscal policy, and international trade and finance.

    ECON& 201 with a C grade.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/20Online FARRINGTON COpenings: 14
  • POLS& 101Intro Political Science5 credits

    Introduction to political concepts, public opinion, pressure groups, and government systems.

  • POLS& 202American Government5 credits

    Focus is given to the system, process, and organizational functions of the American government. It also puts primary attention on the relationships between citizens and their national government by exploring the key theoretical precepts that shaped the Constitution and its federal structural arrangements. Close attention is paid to the policy making process and its key actors, as well as various public policies.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 50 or a C grade in ABE 054 or ABE 055, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 50 or a C grade in ENGL 092.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20Online CRAWFORD KOpenings: 18
    4/4-6/20TTh10:30a-12:40pCRAWFORD KOpenings: 18
  • PSYC& 100General Psychology5 credits

    An overview of the factors affecting behavior including topics related to theories of learning, the senses, perceptions, nervous system, emotions, personality theory, motivation, abnormal behavior and therapy, and social psychology.

    Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 85 or B grade in RDG 085, and Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 86 or B grade in ENGL 092 or C grade in AENGL 100.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20TTh 5:30p-7:40pMUDD SOpenings: 24
    4/5-6/19MWF10:10a-11:30aSMITH MOpenings: 21
    4/5-6/19MW 2:10p-3:30pMUDD SOpenings: 25
    4/4-6/20Online MUDD SOpenings: 11
  • PSYC& 200Lifespan Psychology5 credits

    A systematic study of the developmental processes in humans from conception to late adulthood. Special emphasis will be given to the topics of physical development, cognitive development, and personality/social development.

    PSYC& 100 with a C grade.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20Online LIPPMAN LOpenings: 9
  • Physical and Natural Sciences: 15 Credits
  • PHYS& 221Engineering Physics I w/Lab5 credits

    Kinematics and dynamics of particles; work and energy; gravitation; collisions and conservation of momentum.

    ENGL& 101 with a grade of C or better, Prerequisite or Co-requisite: MATH& 151 with a C grade or better.
  • CHEM& 161General Chemistry w/ Lab I5 credits

    An introductory chemistry course for students in programs requiring one or two quarters of general chemistry. Course covers basic principles of modern chemistry, the structure of atoms and molecules, ions, chemical bonding and molecular geometry, the periodic table, chemical formulas and equations, and stoichiometry of reactions and solutions. Lab work included.

    Accuplacer College Level Math score of 75 or co-enrolled/completed MATH& 141 with a "C" or better. Also, recommend completion of CHEM& 121 or one year of high school chemistry.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20TTh 3:00p-5:45pMALO GOpenings: 12
  • CS& 131Computer Science I C++5 credits

    This course equips students with fundamental programming skills such as effective use of data types, variables, assignment statements, control structures, modular design using procedures, pointers and array data structures in the construction of C++ programs. This course also introduces students to Object Oriented Programming concepts and prepares students for the C++ Institute Certified Associate Programmer exam.

    MATH 099 or IT 121 with a C or better or Instructor Permission.

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20TTh 8:00a-10:30aREVELSTOKE JOpenings: 19
  • Technology Course Work
  • ENGR 115Graphics5 credits

    This course is an introduction to the use of graphical techniques and standard practices used to communicate engineering design information. Students will learn graphics techniques, visualization skills, standards for object views and drawing sizes, orthographic projection, section views, proper dimensioning techniques, and tolerances. Freehand sketching is used to develop visualization skills and as an instrument for design conceptualization and communication.

    (Accuplacer Arithmetic score of 50 or a C grade or better in MATH 090 or ABE 050 with a "C" or better) and (Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 71 or RDG 085 with a "C" or better) and (Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 71 or ENGL 092 with a "C" or

    Future Offerings
    4/4-6/20TTh 1:10p-3:20pSEAY BOpenings: 10
  • ENGR 180Parametric Modeling5 credits

    This course is an introduction to 3D CAD (computer aided design) with an emphasis on parametric solid modeling applications and usage. Topics include methods for creating solid model components, joining components to form assemblies, and generation of 2D manufacturing drawings from 3D solid models.

    ENGR 115 with a "C" or better.

    Future Offerings
    4/5-6/19MWF10:10a-11:30aREISS JOpenings: 5
    4/5-6/19MWF10:10a-11:30aREISS JOpenings: 5
    4/4-6/20TTh10:30a-12:40pREISS JOpenings: 8
    4/4-6/20TTh10:30a-12:40pREISS JOpenings: 5
    4/5-6/19MWF10:10a-11:30aSMITH MOpenings: 12
    4/4-6/20TTh10:30a-12:40pPETTIJOHN SOpenings: 12
  • Electives
  • with advisor assistance

  • in your area of interest

  • Choose three transferable courses


Program Entry Information

For questions, please contact Admissions at 360-752-8345 or e-mail us at Admissions

Program Start

  • This program accepts students quarterly.

Testing Requirements

  • Placement testing in Reading, Math and Writing. Test scores or transcripts from another college may also be accepted along with the Evaluation Request Form

Program Application/Forms


  • Bellingham Technical College - Associate Technology Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (DTA/MRP)

    Upon completion of BTC’s Associate in Technology DTA/MRP degree, students are eligible to transfer to the following institutions in Washington State.

    Please note: Admission into many institutions is competitive and higher grade point averages and course grades are often required. Completion of the general Technology DTA/MRP degree does not necessarily satisfy all transfer requirements; some institutions may have additional course requirements. Check individual schools for the most up-to-date admission requirements and recommendations.

    Central Washington University (Construction Management, Safety and Health Management, or Industrial Technology & Technology Education degrees)

    Eastern Washington University (Design, Construction, Manufacturing, and Electronics Technology degree)